The Bold Journey

August 6, 2013

The magical journey of BOLD-ness and beauty

(A beautiful event that happened in Ireland in the summer of 2008, subsequently it led to two of the participants getting married 5 years later… Tania & Duncan – A little pagan affair . Also since the event there was the very sad passing of a beatiful man, a friend, a warrior, a poet, a revolutionary, the man whose bold ideas first sparked the EASA madness; Brian Anson, RIP a chara)

Sláinte agus go mbeirfidhmuid beo ar an ám seo arís agus go bhfeidhmuid bás le siocháin

Sláinte agus go mbeirfidhmuid beo ar an ám seo arís agus go bhfeidhmuid bás le siocháin


(ADAPT OR DIE) architectural collaboration requested:
2 week EASA taller in aug 08.
AGENDA- 2 change world + have craic

** Main organiser:

Dunk… Is a native Irishman who has a profound love for his island and peoples, her story, her beauty. He left her wild hills and shores neraly 2 years ago to wander and learn and now lives, works, plays, investigates and is continually learning from the bold Mediterainean city of Barcelona. He is currently working as an architect with EIG (eco intelligent growth) with whom he recently began collaboration with time magazine’s “Hero of the planet” William McDonough. His varied fields of activity include: ecology, urbanism, art, film making, radio, gardening, dreaming, wandering, bike riding, street theatre, communicating, working with social movements… all of which for him make up “architecture”. He loves laughing and feeling alive.

Venice Biennales: VB06- Ark: participation @ (French pavilion) METAVILLA::
VB05- Art: mention and part collaboration Irish pavilion, Sarah Pierce.

EASA: Irish NC 2001-4::Guest 08::Tutor 04::Participant 03+02::SESAM 03::INCM 02+01

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Towards a healthier, happier, eco-effective Barcelona

October 8, 2008

We, at EIG, recently proposed some BOLD ideas for how BCN might grow. We think these ideas are feasible and that many of them could be implemented immediately and cheaply. Apart from radically changing the eco performance of the city, we believe that they would hugely affect the livability of the city, and indeed enliven the very soul of this strange city.

We would like if you viewed the short PDF document, Towards a healthier, happier, eco-effective Barcelona of only 9 pages with many images and with that, should you agree with all or some of the proposals, give us suggestions as to how best we can realise these dreams.

Here are just 2 of the ideas proposed:

Vias Verdes BCN + Green Roof BCN

Vias Verdes BCN: greenway network for city of BCN

Ciutadella and her green routes: A series of organic root like threads come from BCN´s park, her green heart, and weave to and through the rest of the greenway network.

Parc de la Ciutadella is not only the cities strategically placed central green lung; it happens to make up one of the most deeply loaded parts of Barcelona’s, and indeed Catalunya’s, urban and social history. In short; it matters. From this much loved city space, and always connecting back to and through it, are the 3 ripples; a series of radiating greenways that form a simple orbital matrix, the spine of the network. This structure forms the organising system through which all future greenways routes (roots) weave, from within the city out to her sea, rivers and surrounding hills. And from there to the wider Euro and Global network…

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