On the eve of World Cup in Curitiba, Opera came to the favela of Vila Torres

June 23, 2014

An amazing day happened on Sunday 15th of June 2014 in Vila Torres, Curitiba, the day before the city saw its first of four world cup games. Vila Torres is the most central and oldest of the many underprivileged Favelas of the city. Its a tough existence here, people with next to nothing do what they can, despite all the challenges that face them on a day to day existence.

Like all of the city and the country, people love their football. But unlike the more well to do parts of society, the community here had no means to get in on the excitement of the world cup. So the Brazilian student led movement #CheerForPeace decided to change that, to try to bring a little bit of the magic here too. What unfolded was weeks of building a movement, working with the community and pulling together whatever was available or possible to make a truly special day for ALL the football loving fans there. Huge thanks to all who supported, donated, came and shared in the day, hopefully all enjoyed the event. This was just the first of many more events. Huge respect must be given to the extraordinary women behind the local school, the Organização de Desenvolvimento do Potencial Humano (ODPH): Valdimê, Kauann and all the gang… With leadership, strength and love like these remarkably strong and resilient women have, the future will indeed be feminine!

The event was a great success, about 200 kids came, played, made juices from the peddle powered bike machine / juice maker, ate organic vegan food, played football, danced, got their faces painted… And a whole lot more, see the photos below and you will get an idea just how special a day it was.

Canadian students from Alberta and their teacher Nick arrived and donated a whole load of green tops, boots and footballs. Read their reports here: From Canada to the Vila Torres Favela. Also a coach from the local football ground Parana FC kindly came and gave a free training class to anyone who wanted, some great little players in the barrio, both boys and girls.

Equating healthy eating with a party… that’s a first for Vila Torres. A “Great Event with Great Food” (not Junk food) provided generously by the Organic Growers Association of the Mercado Municipal De Curitiba – ASCESME. Special thanks to the amazing chef Igor Oliveira and the man responsible for sorting all the great organic food for the event: Sebastiao Martins Coelho. Although some kids were not too happy, maybe preferring Cola and hot dogs, hopefully the event opened a wider debate about healthy eating, local markets and wider issues of a healthier local economy.

Although word was sent to a host of both local and international media, many of which said they would come to report the event in the favela, only 1 did come to cover the story. Subsequently there has been no reports of any the local or international media. The only communications with the wider world about the goings on, coming from a few brief blog reports by some small groups and individuals. The following day Irish radio did cover the story for 5 minutes on RTE’s Joe Duffy show Liveline.

The unprecedented #CheerForPeace Give&Game Fan Fest for the Rest in Vila Torres, Curitiba closed on a high-note withe beautiful Opera from English-Brazilian artist Penelope belting out a few tunes, Albert hall it mightnt be, but all there felt it was a perfect end to a very special day.

While this event will not “change the world“, hopefully it might lead to connections, processes and movements that will.

#CheerForPeace Give&Game fan Fest – Vila Torres


PHOTOS: #CheerForPeace Give&Game fan Fest – Vila Torres (658 photos) + Eventos (Via Organização de Desenvolvimento do Potencial Humano) + Evento – Cheer for Peace (via Tático – Futebol de Tabuleiro) VIDS: Opera comes to the Vila Torres Favela, Curitiba, Brazil during #WorldCup2014 + Opera in Vila Torres Supporting Groups: Football for kidsBalls of GloryBATERIAC7RPC TV NEXT EVENT: ROCINHA, Rio de Janeiro EVENT INFO: Vila Torres CheerForPeace infos: Brazil + For a greener and socially fair World Cup – #CheerForPeace working with all of Brazil :: TWITTER TAGS: #CWB #worldcup #brazil #brasil #curitiba #everybodyPlays #WorldsFavoriteGame #TodoMundoJoga #futeboldetabuleiro #cheerforpeace #ongODPH

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Bring Che back to Kilkee #HonTheBanner

September 5, 2013

Bring Che back to Kilkee #HonTheBanner #AnClárAbú #BackTheBanner #CLARE https://www.change.org/petitions/clare-county-council-re-instate-the-iconic-che-guevara-mural Re-instate the mural pic.twitter.com/3VVFqmroKQ

che 2

via Annual ‘Che Do Bheatha’ Festival, Kilke  Website here

#Che #AmericanTourists #Clare #kilkee #BackTheBanner

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BOLD events @ Dublin, Ireland, August 2013

August 25, 2013

(Work in progress, subject to change and modification as time goes on..)

bold dunk2

Wed 28 – Liffey walk – food, chat, sups, music… WWW (world wide windows) chat @ seomra spraoí

Thr 29 – mucky hands day: community gardens, lifeline, Dublin city roof farm, tree planting, Upstar’s pop up park Granby Park,

Fri 30 – botanic spine bike ride – 80’s party @ Seomra Spraoi

Sat 31 –  Dublin city arty arky walk, mapping and connecting some of Dublins “independent spaces” – chat n sups @ siteation

Fuspey: Blog: https://itsafunnyoldworld.wordpress.com/ | twitter

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#‎BSF‬ – Borrachos Sin Fronteras – TOUR LATINO ‪#‎Barcelona‬ 2013

August 9, 2013

bsf bcn 2013 latino

#‎BSF‬ – Borrachos Sin Fronteras – TOUR LATINO ‪#‎barcelona‬ 2013

Esta noche hay pob Crowl (pubcrawl differente?) .. Viernes 9 Agosto 2013

Latinoamerica, ruta:

1* (22:00) Brasil c/ample cerca correos.

2* (22:30) Colombia/ shango calle groch 2.

3* (23:00) PERU,calle templars primera calle detras ayuntamiento.

4* (23:30) CHILE calle libretaria cerca a pz Jaume

5* (00:00) ARGENTINA/Sifo en calle espalter 4. raval

6* (00:30) Uruguayo cerca pz.del pedro Raval.

7*(01:0) Venezuela BOMBOM Bar. Carrer de la riera Alta 36/ raval.

Los que puedan con camisa de BORRACHOS Sf
Uhuuu.nos vemos. .asi empezamos la despedida nuestra. porque vamos pronto a ‪#‎Brazil‬

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Adapt Or Die

August 6, 2013

Adapt Or Die, Blessed Unrest @ Letterfrack?

(Originally posted on Indymedia Ireland on Friday May 30, 2008)

As a species we are finally waking up to the Climatic crisis that we have stupidly gotten ourselves into. After many years of not listening, people now realise the problem we face: ADAPT OR DIE. Some see the human species as a cancer that should die off, a natural end for a silly species. But others have a vision of a sustainable world, a vision that drives them to think differently, act differently, design differently, live differently. For many its simple little lifestyle changes, for others its nothing short of the next chapter in this unfolding strange story of civilization: the ecological revolution.


Cities as forests : infrastructure and participation (click to enlarge)

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The Bold Journey

August 6, 2013

The magical journey of BOLD-ness and beauty

(A beautiful event that happened in Ireland in the summer of 2008, subsequently it led to two of the participants getting married 5 years later… Tania & Duncan – A little pagan affair . Also since the event there was the very sad passing of a beatiful man, a friend, a warrior, a poet, a revolutionary, the man whose bold ideas first sparked the EASA madness; Brian Anson, RIP a chara)

Sláinte agus go mbeirfidhmuid beo ar an ám seo arís agus go bhfeidhmuid bás le siocháin

Sláinte agus go mbeirfidhmuid beo ar an ám seo arís agus go bhfeidhmuid bás le siocháin


(ADAPT OR DIE) architectural collaboration requested:
2 week EASA taller in aug 08.
AGENDA- 2 change world + have craic

** Main organiser:

Dunk… Is a native Irishman who has a profound love for his island and peoples, her story, her beauty. He left her wild hills and shores neraly 2 years ago to wander and learn and now lives, works, plays, investigates and is continually learning from the bold Mediterainean city of Barcelona. He is currently working as an architect with EIG (eco intelligent growth) with whom he recently began collaboration with time magazine’s “Hero of the planet” William McDonough. His varied fields of activity include: ecology, urbanism, art, film making, radio, gardening, dreaming, wandering, bike riding, street theatre, communicating, working with social movements… all of which for him make up “architecture”. He loves laughing and feeling alive.

Venice Biennales: VB06- Ark: participation @ (French pavilion) METAVILLA::
VB05- Art: mention and part collaboration Irish pavilion, Sarah Pierce.

EASA: Irish NC 2001-4::Guest 08::Tutor 04::Participant 03+02::SESAM 03::INCM 02+01

Related articles and reports: Adapt Or Die (Blessed Unrest @ Letterfrack?) | Dublin´s Metamorphosis | EASA 2008 images | EASA Metamorphosis conference, radio recording | Brian Anson – Architect, Story Teller, Poet, Revolutionary… passed away over the weekend | European Architecture Students Assembly 2008 taking place in Dublin – Letterfrack | Student architects transform an Atlantic village | Architecture students gather in Dublin and Letterfrack

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Samogar Art Gallery

August 1, 2013

samogar art gallery @ sangria night c/o lithuanian mad hatters 2002
samogar art gallery @ sangria night c/o lithuanian mad hatters 2002

EASA 2002 ::network workshop:: 500 young architecture students occupied Samogar’s derelict army barracks on the beautiful island of Vis, Croatia. Don Foresta tutored the ::network workshop:: One of the tangents the group went off on was to transform a derelict building into a temporary art gallery. Different events and experiences happened here during what was a really magical time.

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