Bold, Beautiful, Blooming Barcelona asks: What would it mean to win?

March 9, 2009

The Gracia community garden radio documentary trilogy and accompanying article

1 – Entering, Breaking ground, dreams of a greener barrio.
2 – Murals and kids
3 – Lauras garden tour

VIDEO : Hort de Gràcia Web: Gracia community garden radio documentary trilogy and accompanying article Springtime in Europe and the Earths life’s cycle is in bloom again. The 3 parts of the radio documentary capture magical moments in the recent history of one of the most exciting projects in Barcelona at present, our community garden in Gracia. This article was written after a lovely Valentines weekend of much open, shared and participative activity; the highlight of which was our collective mural day in the garden. It is hoped that some of the life, current ideas, projects, tools, spaces, bargains, oddities, dreams, passions and goings on of the city and her peoples are communicated here-in.

Friday… Thinking about winning

Saturday… Painting pictures and feeling like we are winning

Sunday… Sharing passions, playing and doing, Remembering the South.

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Streaming from the Gaff!

February 22, 2009

An experiment with streaming audio, projecting video and the interaction between real and virual worlds took place in Dublin’s new social centre

Back in 2005 we made a short 4 minute documentary video after our succesful streaming experiment to connect the Digital Hub with the Dublin social centre, seomra spraoi (room of play in Gaelic / native Irish) as part of the “future of digital media”.  The film is viewable on

Although it was a successful stream, it did cause some contreversay within the Indymedia Ireland collective, but we were trying to push the boundaries of communication limits in the Network Age

(very) DIY poster announving the communication action


Patcha Mama smiles again in Gracia

October 27, 2008

The Gracia Community Garden Radio Documentary (28 mins)

Els espais buits no fan Gràcia : The empty spaces are not funny

So read the new banner that now hangs on the end wall of the new Hort Comunitari, or community garden in Catalan, that was opened in Gracia on Saturday morning. From just being another quite and dry street, theres now a hive of activity in Caller Banyoles; people, laughter, color, sounds, music, dancing, kids playing. Being there one knows that Patcha Mama smiles again in Gracia.

Well over a hundred people entered a site that had been left derelict for the last 5 years. The concrete ground was smashed apart and the soil underneath was broken open with pics, forks, spades and hoes. People arrived in with recycled large construction bags with soil inside, once inside these bags had young plants put into them and were watered.  that was lovely and brown and full of nutrientsdue to having horse manure mixed into it. Other soil was added to the freshly broken red earth and new plants were inserted here too. a large heap of soil at the end wall gave endless hours of healthy mucky enjoyment to kids who dug tunnells and rolled around, laughing and shrieking with delight as they did so.

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Muralismo @ the Peoples Republic of Cork, Boy!

October 11, 2008

Question: What do you get if you throw a few colorful Latinos, a load of Rebel Langers, a “Jack” with his radio stuff and a load of cans of paint together? (Sounds like the recipe for one huge messy disaster, no?)

Answer: Perhaps one of most amazing community arts projects in the history of the Peoples Republic of Cork, a load of murals thrown up in the streets of Roy Keane land, many many things learned, much friendships forged, many memories created to last till the end of days…

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Art spaces as weapons of war

October 10, 2008

Dublin’s Mayday 2004 saw thousands of opponents to fortress Europe beaten away by riot cops and water cannons. Days later, RED ARCHIVE, a strange OPEN communication space seeking all inputs, was asking: What is art, what is politics?

As activists, we used this space to communicate and build in and out of, to wander from and bring people to, to share critical ideas, to widen the discussion. Our ongoing war is one of communication against today’s culture of ignorance and apathy. Seven million people continue to die needlessly every year, perhaps our actions helped?



This piece was written for an upcoming book for the Project Arts Centre in Dublin. It was requested by Sarah Pierce, creator of The Metropolitan Complex. Our collaboration for the Red Archive, resulted in documentation on Indymedia Ireland as well as the half hour audio recording of the Red Archive Feedback session.

Information regarding the Demonstration against Fortress Europe:

Video of water cannon | ‘The Ruck at the Truck’: Noise Protest Echoes Continue: All The News That Fits: Final Edition | The long march on Farmleigh | Looking back on the Dublin EU summit protests – Mayday 2004 | Indymedia Mayday Festival and Centre | Photos | Photos 2 | May Day Smear Campaign – the Irish media turns against protesters

Mainstream coverage pre and post demonstration:

No May Day violence expected says O’DonoghueProtest and parties planned for May DayDublin EU Riot: Ahern Praises Police

Global Eco Forum (S22-O17) – Times of profound ecological change

September 23, 2008

Global Eco Forum (S22-O17) – Times of profound ecological change

Blessed Unrest: The immune system of humanity starting to kick in

(originally posted on September 23 on Indymedia Ireland)

Sep 22 - 10 October, with real world meet up @ Barcelona October 7

While many view these days with dread; the outset of climate crisis, political corruption and corporate manipulation blocking healthy change, lack of hope that things can change.

Others are starting to see something profound emerging; a re-awakening, an eruption of activity, new and intelligent ways of human interaction. Ecologist Paul Hawken sees this phenoman as “the immune system of humanity finally kicking in” and calls it Blessed Unrest.

As another bubble in all this, yesterday saw the first of 25 days of the first “Global Eco Forum”…

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Saturday @ BCN = Metro Refugios + Post-it city + Goya + DRAN + Parc Ciutadella

April 8, 2008

(originally posted on EASA

The proposal: BCN (Barcelona) city as labarotary for Urban, artistic and social exploration, an open invitation


Refugios @ metro + Post-it City + Goya + DRAN @ montana + Parc Ciutadella






mail: dunk

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architecture and dissent

May 19, 2007

(Originally posted on EASA

Architecture and Dissent
(And from talking to action…)

The Berlage Institute (an architectural laboratory) have organised a series of Springtime public lectures on the theme of Architecture and Dissent.

This program of dialogues addresses the relations between architecture, power, and political dissent. By debating the cultural currents transforming contemporary daily life and, subsequently, shared spatial practices, this series of events promotes an open dialogue reflecting on today’s architectural condition.

Can architecture politically engage a global market-driven power structure? Is it possible to find alternative means of operating architecturally within this dominant system? How should architecture and urbanism address economic development, popular culture, and a design-driven consumerism? Does architecture—as both an intellectual discipline and a professional practice—contribute to stabilizing the inherent social inequalities of the contemporary city?

The talks can be viewed by live braodcast, heres the program

Tuesday 13 March – Instant City: The Rise of Dubai

Tuesday 27 March – Gated Communities in the Age of Extreme Individualism

Tuesday 17 April – The Cult of Celebrity: Superstars Architect in the Academy

Tuesday 8 May – Signs, Symbols, Spectacles: The Architecture of Global Corporations

Tuesday 15 May – Living Outside: Uneven Metropolitan Development

Tuesday 12 June – Beyond Degenerate Utopias?

Tuesday 19 June – The Power of Sprawl

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Widening the discussion – RESIDENTMETA workshop @ METAVILLA

October 20, 2006

widening the discussion – ALLEZ LES PIRATES

– onboard the (French) pirate ship METAVILLA
a reflection on first encounter with the strange,
thought provoking “french pavilion” – an attempt at a
wider dialogue with the world, attempt to look at that
for which “this exhibition is just a pointer”.
– Lucien Kroll, moments d`architecture
what if this was the most critical dialogue in all
this bienale? who knew about it, who came and
listened, could this audience be increased? – we
recorded, documented, informed the world and built our
own media due to limitations of venicesuperblog media.
– whats your view?
asking people their views; audio recording and
archiving of the spirit of things – “the French
Pavilion is the best and craziest says the German
– Donkey dialogues
the little man on the street: the little donkey and
his pal piggy engage in a series of discussions;
throwing out ideas, asking questions, in a physically
strategic position within METAVILLA, many missed them,
some dropped their stuff on poor little piggy and
donkey, but they battled on, maybe someone found out
something new, interesting, profound, or maybe just
funny. Little donkey saw one girl smile anyway.
– the others
So who`s here in this funny garden, talking about
stuff? what about those who cant get here, who have
not been invited, did not have the money, for whom the
life didn`t allow them experience “le pur pleasure
d`existence” maybe that could be fixed, maybe we could
invite them; Cuba, Albania, Sri Lanka, Mali, Kenya,
Kibera, Chiapas, Rossport…………

dunk, 1 des pirates de METAVILLA
@ 8am fri 20th oct 2006, French Pavilion, Venice Biebnale

(CHANING THE WORLD is easy – we have done it – its getting more beautiful)

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Playing with Phi, Lahinch Beach 2003

December 9, 2003

(Playing with Phi was originally posted on indymedia ireland December 09, 2003::The idea for it was initially posted on Archeire, way back on 25th August 2001)

“Playing with Phi”
On Sunday the 9th of December 2003 a piece of land art was done on the beach of Lahinch in county Clare. It was done by 4 people for a few different reasons.

(image from “playing with phi” on the edge of europe )

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