The Story of Ireland

November 10, 2011

Episode image for Age of InvasionsThe Story of Ireland is a  five part groundbreaking new BBC series presented by Fergal Keane about the history of Ireland cultural, social, and economic, and its role on the international stage.

Ireland is living through a significant period in its cycle of history since the 1998 Good Friday Agreement, the island has been at peace. This is unprecedented in the history of modern Ireland and so seems like a perfect time to reflect on the Irish as a people now, as a modern European nation, and how we got to this place.

BBC - The Story of Ireland: Age of Conquest XviD AC3-MVGroup

BBC review: Myth and history: the Story of Ireland

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happy new (pagan) year 2008 from Irelands soul……A Right Funny Man Darcy

December 21, 2007

(Originally posted on EASA )

This special morning, like so many before, the rays of the morning sun shone down a 5000 year old neolithic structure and grave in ireland: a passageway tunnel called Newgrange.


This unique structure, which is 500 years older than the pyramids of Egypt and 1000 years older than its more well known Pagan English neighbour Stonehenge, has been a sacred space on our little island which has been celebrating life, its cycles, the connection between the energy from the heavens and the life bearing capability of mother earth since the times of neolithic man. We may not fully understand the understanding our ancestors had of the mystery that is life, but many believe that they lived in a more “ecological” time, understanding, working with and celebrating the cycles of nature. Today, Friday the 21st of December 2007, is the winter solstice, the shortest day of the year and the beginning of the next year, 5000 years ago early man had the mathmathical, astronomical, spiritual, construction skills to build this structure. AND, its still watertight!!! This year for the first time: Newgrange solstice broadcast on web you can watch an hour long documentary about it and the live webcast at 8.30am (GMT) here (View the archive for the film)

Watch a short film from the first live stream from Newgrange

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