Adeu Spain??? (Is Catalonia about to start the breakup of Spain?)

November 30, 2012

Will Catalonia become Europe’s newest state? We examine the increasingly popular Catalan separatist movement. (Farewell Spain? Will austerity drive Catalonia to independence? : Al Jazeera)

Is Catalonia going to be Europe’s newest state? Nearly 1.5 million Catalans took the streets of Barcelona last week calling for independence from Spain. Catalonia is recognised as a “nation” within Spain, but the country’s financial crisis has exacerbated the region’s independence movement. Catalans say their nation gives more taxes to the Spanish government than it receives and that austerity cuts have unfairly squeezed their economy…

#25N elections – The results of the Regional Catalan snap elections of 25th of November were a bit of a surprise to many people. Arthur Mas, the man who perhaps saw himself at the helm of the ship, leading his people to a promised land, a Moses like figure, didnt get the massive support he had hoped for his centre right party CIU (50 seats),  instead we have seen a rise of the more radical left wing independence groups such as the Republicans ERC (21) the eco socialists ICV-EUiA (13) and the radical anticapitalists CUP (3). This is definately a reflection of the growing anger in Catalunya at the very severe cuts that Mas has launched onto the people here.

Reports from world media after the #25N elections (see Vilaweb for full global list) : English Speaking: BBC | The Guardian | The Telegraph | Financial Times  | Wall Street Journal | The Scotsman | Aljazeera  | Russia Today  | CNN  | Houston Chronicle | The Globe and Mail Other: History of Catalonia (wikipedia) Help CataloniaCatalan news agency | Vote listing via ARA | Donostia es la hostia*

Reports from world media before the #25N elections (via Vilaweb, night before the 25N Vote): English Speaking: The New York Times: Catalan Vote Could Be a First Step Toward Self-Rule | The Guardian: Catalonia independence timetable: ‘Once it has started it cannot stop’ | The Wall Street Journal: Catalonian Calls for Independence Increase | Reuters: Immigrants and youth drive Catalan independence movement | The Times: Should it stay or go? Catalonia faces its moment of decision | The Scotsman: Catalonian vote will decide future of Spain | The Australian: Catalan leader seeks ‘freedom’ in election | Aavaz: Catalonia: Adios to Spain? | Wales Online: Independence? Europeans may soon be witnessing the birth of a new state …


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Vids to remember 75 years ago: Spanish civil war + Revolution

July 22, 2011
Viva la Quinta Brigada,
No Pasaran, the pledge that made them fight
Adelante was the cry around the hillside
Let us all remember them tonight.
They came to stand beside the Spanish people
To try and stem the rising fascist tide
Franco’s allies were the powerful and wealthy
Frank Ryan’s men came from the other side.
Christy Moore: Viva la Quinta Brigada (lyrics here)


The Spanish Civil War was a major conflict fought in Spain from 17 July 1936 to 1 April 1939. The Second Republic existed and made massive changes for the people of spain, hopes soared, true social justice seemed achieble, only to be quashed by a military coup de etat which succeeded in ending the dreams of millions and entering Spain into 38 years of repressive fascism under the control of Franco.
The 19th of July marked the 75th anniversary of the beginning of the Spanish Revolution. For a brief time, capitalism and the State were replaced by solidarity, mutual aid and respect for others. Workers and peasants, who were deeply influenced by anarchist ideas, ran society collectively and gained control over their lives, industry and land. A central part of the revolution was the struggle against a fascist attempt to take over Spain.

Photos : 1 | Spanish Civil War Articles : NO PASARAN! 75th anniversary of the Spanish Civil War | Free Women of Spain Filmlists: classic films about the war | wikipedia

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