5th Junio ’09 – HOME, Bagua y la lucha para proteger la Selva Amazonia

November 18, 2009

5th Junio 2009 – Esta fecha marco del Día Internacional del Medio Ambiente. En esta dia en 2009 2 cosas increaible passer: una bueno, una muy malo: la peli HOME y la massacre en la Salva Amazonia Peruana en Bagua. Esta reportage presente 3 videos sobre la situacion real de Peru y par ayudar nuestr@s herman@s en Bagua. En esta punto de cambio climatco, no podriamos perdir la salva amazonia, YA!

Viva Pachamama!!!

HOME | Una Muerte en Bagua | Una Muerte en Sion |Amazonia for sale

Siempre, tenemos tod@s una fecha con la planeta, Ya!

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Massacre of Indigineous Amazonians in Peru – 25 dead and counting

June 8, 2009

“This government disregards the indigenous people.” was what they said a week before being shot at from helicopters

(This article first appeared on Indymedia Ireland)

featured imageAwajun, Wampis, mestizos y blancos unidos en defensa del territorio, luchando para derogatoria de los DS

Awajun, Wampis (native tribes), mestizos (mix of native and spanish blood) and whites united in defense of the land, Struggling to repeal the Court Orders

An ongoing, many month old peaceful protest in the Bagua region of the north western area of Peru was brutally attacked this week by state forces, resulting in the deaths of, at least, 25 native Indigenous Amazonian Peruvians. A motorway in the “curve of the devil” region had been blocked by local communities of the area who feel their land, health, livelihood and community is threatened by the government’s giveaway of the area, and its precious resources, to multinational oil and gas exploration. They are perhaps right to feel sad, threatened and terrified, knowing how things have faired in neighbouring areas with a similar story, Sion, Equador and beyond… Perhaps even as far a field as Rossport.


World Environmental day (June 5th) mobilisation in Bagua, Peru – Violently repressed with massive amounts of loss of life

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