30 years ago today, Luke Kelly died

January 31, 2014

0005757b-18030 years ago today, Luke Kelly died. Here is a tribute to a Dublin legend.

Luke Kelly died on the 30th of January 1984. At the age of 43 he was still a young man with so much left to give. Unfortunately Liam Clancy (subsequently another great legend lost..) was unable to attend the funeral, so instead he wrote this moving tribute for his old friend:

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Irish Asterix Appreciation Society

August 9, 2013

On 21st of December 2003 something very strange and wonderful was born…

The Irish Asterix Appreciation Society will be having an impromptu get toghether in the Long Hall pub on Dame Street in Dublin, some time next week. You can call in anytime and ask Leo for a gawk at one of the Asterix books under the counter. If you read one, please leave a comment at the back… THESE ROMANS ARE CRAZY

LINKS: ASTERIX – The official website | Asterix & Obelix Compelete collection PDF | FB: Irish Asterix Appreciation Society | Irish Asterix Appreciation Society | April EGM 2012 | Everything I know about classical history I learned from Asterix and Obelix

These lads in the Long Hall… Are they all this mad?
Ask Leo for a round of the finest stout and a gawk at the Asterix books
There is still one little community holding out… (image from Alfonso Zapico)
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Sowing spuds on Saint Patrick’s Day

March 17, 2011

5 years ago, the community gardeners of Dublin were celebrating SAINT PADDYS DAY in the tradional way: Planting spuds (potatoes in local Irish speak)

Paddys day spud planting in Dolphins Barn community garden
Paddys day spud planting in Dolphins Barn community garden

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Art spaces as weapons of war

October 10, 2008

Dublin’s Mayday 2004 saw thousands of opponents to fortress Europe beaten away by riot cops and water cannons. Days later, RED ARCHIVE, a strange OPEN communication space seeking all inputs, was asking: What is art, what is politics?

As activists, we used this space to communicate and build in and out of, to wander from and bring people to, to share critical ideas, to widen the discussion. Our ongoing war is one of communication against today’s culture of ignorance and apathy. Seven million people continue to die needlessly every year, perhaps our actions helped?



This piece was written for an upcoming book for the Project Arts Centre in Dublin. It was requested by Sarah Pierce, creator of The Metropolitan Complex. Our collaboration for the Red Archive, resulted in documentation on Indymedia Ireland as well as the half hour audio recording of the Red Archive Feedback session.

Information regarding the Demonstration against Fortress Europe:

Video of water cannon | ‘The Ruck at the Truck’: Noise Protest Echoes Continue: All The News That Fits: Final Edition | The long march on Farmleigh | Looking back on the Dublin EU summit protests – Mayday 2004 | Indymedia Mayday Festival and Centre | Photos | Photos 2 | May Day Smear Campaign – the Irish media turns against protesters

Mainstream coverage pre and post demonstration:

No May Day violence expected says O’DonoghueProtest and parties planned for May DayDublin EU Riot: Ahern Praises Police

The Botanic Spine : A Greenway and CPUL for Dublin (eco)city

November 15, 2005

THE BOTANIC SPINE: an 18 km long orbital linear park that threads through the city of Dublin, a series of pocket parks,  some existing, some proposed.

Vision: To create the botanic spine, an 18km orbital eco corridor/ greenway for dublin city. A green thread that connects up a series of pocket parks, organic food gardens, local amenities, cities waterways and a new city metro underground.

View A3 PDF of concept here.

View full architectural Thesis “Catalyst @ Botanic Spine“, in 2 parts here 1 | 2

Dublin inner city has historically been defined as that land which lies inside the two city canals. Recently that sense of city has been lost, this project aims to remind the city of its lost identity.

The Spine acts as an eco corridor and greenway that threads together the 6 existing city waterways, the Phoenix Park (Europe’s largest city park) and the Botanic Gardens, which serves as the brain of the network that uses the spine as a constant feedback loop to output ecological projects and thinking into the wider city. The Botanic Gardens become the Dublin node in a global ecological system, greening the city, improving plant and animal life along green corridors, raising awareness and getting citizens involved with exciting eco initiatives.

The Spine is also a CPUL (continuous productive urban landscape) with a series of organic food gardens along it. The Spine mimics somewhat the structure and function of the human spine: a network of different systems flowing through the spine; plant and animal life, people, water, cycle route, metro line, digital info, hurling fans heading up to Croker for the big game?


View Botanic Spine detailed plan PDF here

The Architecture, Urbanism and Art of Duncan Crowley

Read that eco city idea is starting to take off in china

Have your say in the botanic spine communication space


Heres what the land around Drumcondra could look like:

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green corridors in cities

October 30, 2004

green corridors in cities

(originally posted on EASA here, as a discussion to help in ideas for architectural thesis, which ended up being: The Botanic Spine : A Greenway and CPUL for Dublin (eco)city)

green corridors, eco parks, ecological parks, linear parks, green spines….

hi easa

is anyone aware of what cities have green corridors in them, or of any recent schemes which were about trying to create new green corridors in cities, especially more built up ones.
someone was mentioning a national geographic article about using old rail tracks as a new city park, i have been unable to trace this scheme, i think it was new york?

im looking at a scheme to make a new 18km long circular park through dublin city, which will incorporate the existing 2 canals of the city, europes largest city park; phoenix park and the botanic gardens
another side to it would be to attempt to get the cities soon to be built metro to travel underground the green corridor. ive called the scheme the “botanic spine” but im finding it very hard to come accross information

so perhaps you might be able to help

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February 1, 2004

26th of December an earthquake hit the city of Bam in Iran. 40,000 people have died and many many more are in desperate need of help.
here in ireland we are involved with FILLAWELLY and we are organizing the FILLAWELLY WANDER. a sponsored walk around the 25 miles of Dublin Bay on Saturday 31st January and Sunday 1st February 2004 in aid of Trócaire all the money will go directly to Bam

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