#GazaUnderAttack – Israel might be winning the battle, but they are losing the war!

July 30, 2014

gaza kids

Today is day 22 of the Israeli offensive into Gaza. Yet again we see in this mornings news that ANOTHER UN school has been hit by Israeli rockets, 19 killed and 100 injured, as well as a busy city market, killing 15 and wounding dozens. So far, since this attack began there has been more than 1,200 deaths in Gaza, over 200 children killed, while 3 people have died in Israel. Is that proportional? So many children have been injured and killed that Jon Snow, a reporter with Channnel 4 in the UK, has gone as far as asking: Is this a war on children?

The photo above is of 3 of the 4 Bakr family, just seconds before being killed on the beach in Gaza on the 15th of July. However Israel may try to justify their actions, their hollow words are not being accepted by the Irish people. More and more “normal” people are standing up to voice their anger against Israels onslaught, including many people who, as they say themselves, supported Israel in the past. Of course there are those who will defend Israel to the end and who are not going to waver from their pro Zionist position (examples of endless dialogue on Brazil forum here and here), but what is of interest to me, are the millions of normal people who are seeing the reality from Gaza and from that taking a stand for Justice.

The nature of how we receive information has changed radically. Of course the main ways are still there: reading the newspapers, listening to the radio, watching TV. But now people are also getting news via their social media networks; they see disgusting images and videos in their Twitter and Facebook feeds of the reality from the ground. Not only do people see this, but they are also quickly passing on this information on their social media to friends and family in their social networks, little by little the critical dissemination of the truth is unfolding.

It has been claimed that Israel always fight their wars on two fronts; the actual battle ground but also the “communication war”, whose purpose is to sway public opinion to justify their actions. Many commentators have said we are witnessing a critical juncture; it seems that as the ground war goes on further, with all its death and destruction, that Israel is quickly losing the war for hearts and minds. We are seeing much of mainstream media, in the past absolute defenders of Israel, now allowing critical voices and opinions to be expressed. For more on this I would direct you to Paul Mason’s excellent article; “Why Israel is losing the social media war over Gaza” and “Why Israel Is Losing the American Media War” by Benjamin Wallace-Wells.

In regards to the Irish dialogue on Gaza and the shifting of public opinion, I would like to direct you to two very important radio shows that happened last week on the national radio station RTE, both on Liveline. For those not accustomed to Irish ways, it is the show where the nation phones in to “talk to Joe (Duffy)”, to moan about the problems of the day, air their grievances etc. Last week though much time was devoted to covering the reality of the suffering in Gaza, the reasons for the conflict and as to how peace can be achieved. Anyone who listened could find very very little credibility in Israel supporter spin and could only identify with the sheer horror being experienced by the people in the worlds “largest open air prison”; The Gaza Strip. Below are links to podcasts of both shows as well as some more background on the situation. So have a listen and make your own mind up.

Thankfully huge numbers of Irish people have already taken to the streets, are pushing at the government to take real steps in regards to diplomatic relations with the rogue state of Israel. Even Irish doctors have taken a firm stand in denouncing the criminal acts of Israel. In fact again Ireland is being recognized internationally for the high level of support it is making in solidarity with those in Gaza. Hopefully their actions will further inspire people in other countries to do likewise, like Brazil, where this Irishman finds himself, where he is still a little shocked to see so little commentary and support from friends, as well as the showing of actual solidarity in the streets.

Stop #GazaUnderAttack – No to Israeli war crimes – No the ILLEGAL siege of Gaza – Yes to a peaceful transition to the 2 state solution – FREEDOM FOR GAZA – FREEDOM FOR PALESTINE.

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Barcelona Gaels – Irish football champions

May 14, 2013

2013: Barcelona mens Iberian champions, unbeaten. Womens champions too. On de Gaels

2 cracking videos from our legendry filmmaker Tess:

click to view bigger size, c/o Gerry Kelly


Gaelic Games thriving across Europe (GAA Scores)

What do you think of when you hear the words El Clasico? Messi, Ronaldo, 90,000 fans in the Nou Camp with an electric atmosphere witnessing the two giants of European soccer going head to head? Guess again.

It wasn’t the super Spanish soccer derby after all, it was the final of the third tournament in the Iberian GAA championship. Barcelona Gaels and Madrid Harps played out an exciting encounter last Saturday in the Catalonian capital that saw the hosts crowned overall champions for the region with a round to spare.

A Silver Lining (Radio documentary)

As GAA clubs around Ireland are being devastated by emigration, over in Malmö, Sweden, the Stockholm Gaels are attempting to defend their Scandinavian GAA Championship title.

http://www.rte.ie/podcasts/2012/pc/pod-v-docononesilverlining-pid0-2198424_audio.mp3 (podcast)

Ladies Gaelic Football:

Founded in 1974, Ladies Gaelic Football is still recognised as one of the fastest growing female sports in Europe. With over 1000 clubs in Ireland and membership growing by the day, Ladies Gaelic is reaching women and girls from all over the country. Not stopping there however, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association has many overseas clubs, one of the latest additions coming from Cape Town in South Africa.

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A revelation

April 20, 2009

How to do stuff on the cheap, be creative, be funny and then become legends…

“Revelate”, is the top tune from Irish group the Frames. The music video for the song was made for £2, about 5 years ago, and was mostly done by the lads acting the bollix in front of security cameras and then asking for the footage…. legendry. Enjoy. PS, the singer Glen Hansard, won an oscar for best musical for the film ONCE last year, heres top tune

Has Argentina anything to offer Waterford, Ireland and beyond?

March 28, 2009

How have things panned out in Waterford?  Did the occupiers of the factory there ever get to see “The Take“? if so what were their impressions, were they inspired, could similar strategies be built up in ireland? Are similar bottom up movemtents starting to grow? Can we learn from Argentina?

Good luck to all in Ireland for M30, let us hope that the “green isle” continues to wake out of its 15 year slumber, now that the tiger has fucked off, and let Biffo and his shower follow….

The Take

In suburban Buenos Aires, thirty unemployed auto-parts workers walk into their idle factory, roll out sleeping mats, and refuse to leave. All they want is to re-start the silent machines. With The Take, director Avi Lewis, one of Canada’s most outspoken journalists, and writer Naomi Klein, author of the international bestseller No Logo, champion a radical economic manifesto for the 21st century. But what shines through in the film is the simple drama of workers’ lives and their struggle: the demand for dignity and the searing injustice of dignity denied.

The Wests Awake


The Starry Plough, flag of the Irish Citizen Army flies in Waterford

Meanwhile, the Irish “Leader” Biffo, has his portrait illegally hung in the main Irish gallery, then found out and pulled down, then the public were told about it via RTE (Irish state media), then RTE had to applogise for their telling of truth…

National Gallery Hides Art: RTE Hides News: Artist Hits Nail On Head: Guards Involved


October 9, 2008


Barcelona, London, the boat to Rosslare
Limerick, Ennis, West Clare
The people, the laughs, the pints, the adventure
Strangers whose paths briefly cross
All coming and going on their separate ways
Just as the waters of the river Fergus
Earlier rained down in a hale of warm drops
On an old man in his green fields
Working, working, working
Cold red hands
Opening gates, shutting gates
Wellies, cap and jacket
Held together by bailing twine knots

Two thousand five hundred years ago
And that oldest wandering Dharma bum of them all
Lao Tzu, said:
“A thousand mile journey
Starts with the first step”
And its for that reason
Ive journeyed these last two near sleepless
Funny and memorable days
To be here now
Anseo anois
To give my gifts of Hope
And words of thanks
To two I love dearly:
Father Finbarr and little sis G
As they take their own
New first courageous
And perhaps even a little frightening first step
Each on their own new journey
On this beautiful rock Gaia
As she takes her own journey
That three hundred and sixty five and
A quarter day revolution
Around her firey brother
In that most strangest and most beautiful
Journey of them all:
The infinite cycle of kalpa
Bang, Out, Crunch, In,
Bang, Out, Crunch, In,
Bang, Out, Crunch, In,

All on their own journeys
All coming and going
All with their own destinations
Like the Tao,
All flowing

But all in the safe and loving arms
Of this simple miracle
This beautiful and funny existence
And knowing that
We smile.

(Written @ Lahinch, August, Bank holiday weekend 2007)