That old joke… Time for Ireland to learn from Iceland

January 25, 2013

Do you remember that old joke

Back in autumn 2008 the joke used be that the only difference between Ireland and Iceland was one letter and six months, but that joke is now on us. The economic  experts who predicted doom for Iceland and salvation for Ireland by following their very differen courses, have proved catastrophically wrong.

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This morning we heard from the World Economic Forum in Davos, RTE correspondent Tony Connelly told us:

Soros: Ireland got a very raw deal in the euro crisis, compared to Ireland, Iceland is flourishing

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Related RTE news article: Ireland got raw deal over debt – Soros

And in greater detail on Irish Times: ‘Raw deal’ for Ireland on debt

Speaking on RTÉ Radio One, Mr Soros said Iceland had fared better with its banking troubles.

“If you compare the fate of Ireland with the fate of Iceland, Iceland is actually flourishing, although it had a bigger banking crisis than ireland in relation to its population, because it simply did not accept the liabilities of the banks,” he said

George Soros says Ireland's demands for debt relief will be met

Now nearly 5 years on and it turns out that Ireland has much to learn from Iceland. Infact in recent weeks there has been some discussion on Irish media about just that. The following post explores what did, and did NOT,  happen in both countries…

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From OIL AGE financial crisis, to sustainable communities + COP 15

October 30, 2008

Now that the flawed financial system has taken its first fall due to absurd reliance on endless cheap energy, and the financial crisis has hit and is hitting further, now that the climate camp movement is growing, now that we are preparing for COP 15 in Denmark (cop15 call out + The Other call on COP – Nov 30 ’09 global day of action: 10 year aniversary from N30 @ Seattle), …

Id like to pass on healthy ideas that are moving about: that now is the time to build truly sustainable communities and cities.

As eco city guru Richard Register recently said: Build out, don’t Bail out. Ecologically tuned cities are the answer.

Problem: Our recent oil dependance has got us into a lot of trouble!

Hubberts secret: We are running out of oil!

Watch M King Hubbert explain the importance of this graph on this video from 1976

Oil age in terms of Irish Stout. 1900, 2000, 2100 – Colin Cambell

Watch Colin Cambell explain it on The Oil Age – A Turning Point for Mankind

view a powerpoint presentation of his here

We`re consuming 5 times more oil than we`re discovering

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