From the Forum (GEF) to the city (BCN) – First Global Eco Forum is underway in Barcelona… and from here??

October 8, 2008

The first Global Eco Forum is underway, yesterday was the meeting in the real world in Barcelona (BCN), a very interesting, mostly inspiring, sometimes frightening, sometimes conflictive event that went on all day. I think its unanimous that the Michael Braungart (Cradle to Cradle) and Gunter Pauli (Zeri Foundation) discussion was the highlight: content, ideas, passion for radically changing the way the world works, doing not just talking…

Michael Braungart: 2008 Interview – becoming native to the planet

Gunter Pauli, The power of system design

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Global Eco Forum (S22-O17) – Times of profound ecological change

September 23, 2008

Global Eco Forum (S22-O17) – Times of profound ecological change

Blessed Unrest: The immune system of humanity starting to kick in

(originally posted on September 23 on Indymedia Ireland)

Sep 22 - 10 October, with real world meet up @ Barcelona October 7

While many view these days with dread; the outset of climate crisis, political corruption and corporate manipulation blocking healthy change, lack of hope that things can change.

Others are starting to see something profound emerging; a re-awakening, an eruption of activity, new and intelligent ways of human interaction. Ecologist Paul Hawken sees this phenoman as “the immune system of humanity finally kicking in” and calls it Blessed Unrest.

As another bubble in all this, yesterday saw the first of 25 days of the first “Global Eco Forum”…

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