Stuff that Rocks!

that was the Legends Planxty, Go´on ye boyo ya!


Open participative systems like blogs are revolutionizing how we are becoming informed. Truth and the ability to tell it and hear it are fast becoming accessible to more people as they find out the reality of this world.
Indymedia, Democracy Now, ZNET


Eye of the Storm / En el ojo del tormento (15 mins): IMC- Argentinas 15 minute film which describes the origins of and growth of the ever expanding network that is INDYMEDIA, and then focuses on how and why it grew in Argentina during their period of economic and political chaos.

Globalisation and the Media , 21 minute, award winning film from Undercurrents. This film explores how the media is involved in shaping public opinion during the ‘War on Terrorism’ and Globalisation. Focuses on the birth and development of the “passionate tellings of the truth” open system that is INDYMEDIA and how it brought the vivid truth of police brutality from the anti g8 manifestacion in 2001 in Genoa.

The Revolution Will Not Be Televised: Communication is the key. This critical film was made during the military coup in Venezuala in 2002 when elected president Hugo Chavez was taken prisoner, all democratic safeguards from the constitution were thrown out by the army dictatorship, the army took to the streets and people were shot dead, and most importantly the power of communication and the media was shown in how much of a tool it is in the unfolding story of a people fighting for democracy. Watch film on YouTube

Revolt video collective, hard working crew of heads getting the truth out there, playing with communication, giving workshops so more people can tell their tales, putting on events to show people just whats going on.

Streaming from the gaff. pushing the boundries of communication, 4 minute revolt documentary about Indymedia Irelands first live stream and life in what was seomra spraoi at the time: Gers gaf

FUSPEY film 1 (35 seconds ) whats wrong with the world and whats being done to change all that.

The U.S versus John Lennon (1.5 hours) creativity, love and humour : tools of peace to change the world. Communication like its never been played with before, and some catchy tunes.


U Utah Philips and Amy Goodman

Indymedia On Air:
Anarchism, anthropology, and historical analysis David Graeber …
building up the RADICAL radio network

Life After Capitalism 2004-08-20 Vijay Prashad, Michael Albert, Naomi Klein, Robin Kelly

Democracy Now
George Monbiot: “If We Don’t Deal with Climate Change We Condemn Hundreds of Millions of People to Death”
George Monbiot: “Climate Change Is a Far Greater Threat To Human Well-Being Than Terrorism”
George Monbiot: Climate Change Threatens the Future of Humanity, but we Refuse to Respond Rationally

The Origins of May Day: A Story of Chicago, the First Labor Movement and the Bombing That Divided Gilded Age America

Genoa g8 2002
A Bloody Summit in Genoa: Police Shoot and Kill An Activist, Then Run Him Over with Anarmored Vehicle; More Than 450 Injured and Hundreds Arrested

Tens of Thousands of Protesters Converge in Genoa, Italy for the G8 Summit As Authorities Close the Borders, Airports, Train Stations and Highways: A Discussion with Activists From Italy, France and Britain As tens of thousands of protesters gather in Genoa, Italy for this weekend’s…


Tao Te Ching, takes only a half hour to read….. or a lifetime. The book is 81 very short verses of poetry, it is the second most widely published, after the bible, yet many people in the Western world have never heard of it…YET.

Tao of physics, Fritjof Capra’s groundbreaking and revolutionary text about the paradigm shift that happened and is still happening to our worldview: copping on that we live in a truly odd universe which is actually only made up of really quick moving bits of energy that give the appearance of the solid world that you and I appear to experience…. and lots more too.

We Are Everywhere, the irresistable rise of glbal anticapitalism: book of stories from around the world of grassroots struggles against capitalism, capturing the beauty, strength, diversity, creativity and humour of those making a better world.


Other voices series: recorded live gigs from a little church old church in Dingle, Ireland: Mark Lanagan , Mike Scott/ the Waterboys
Liam Clancy live in concert

Youtube are truly amazing, think of a song or a band, pop in the name, and enjoy the results. James – Getting Away With It, Joy Division – Transmission (live), U2 – 11 O’clock Tick Tock (live), D.R.I. – Suit And Tie Guy, Planxty – the blacksmith (live on the late late show @ 1969), The Dubliners with Luke Kelly -Monto (live and drunken), Luke Kelly – Scorn Not His Simplicity, Planxty : No Disco documentary

stuff: is a permanent and continuous emission system, enabling participants to send audio and video streams through internet and locate and visualize the current state of the streaming system in real-time. An open system made with Free Software by people who invest knowledge and efforts in order to create non-controlled and non-corporate ways of living.

Straddle3 : Barcelona architecture and communication activists have a huge well linked tags ,including their urban section.


After all that stuff, its time to sit back, click and watch, smile and get out and do something extra-ordinary today… why not?

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    this is an interesting article. I had never heard of this technique, but it sounds amazing and could have potential aqui. It’s a technique for planting in abandoned places and often inhospitable land that was developed in Japan by Masanobu Fukuoka, a pioneer in “natural farming.” pretty cool.

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