The Bold Journey

The magical journey of BOLD-ness and beauty

(A beautiful event that happened in Ireland in the summer of 2008, subsequently it led to two of the participants getting married 5 years later… Tania & Duncan – A little pagan affair . Also since the event there was the very sad passing of a beatiful man, a friend, a warrior, a poet, a revolutionary, the man whose bold ideas first sparked the EASA madness; Brian Anson, RIP a chara)

Sláinte agus go mbeirfidhmuid beo ar an ám seo arís agus go bhfeidhmuid bás le siocháin

Sláinte agus go mbeirfidhmuid beo ar an ám seo arís agus go bhfeidhmuid bás le siocháin


(ADAPT OR DIE) architectural collaboration requested:
2 week EASA taller in aug 08.
AGENDA- 2 change world + have craic

** Main organiser:

Dunk… Is a native Irishman who has a profound love for his island and peoples, her story, her beauty. He left her wild hills and shores neraly 2 years ago to wander and learn and now lives, works, plays, investigates and is continually learning from the bold Mediterainean city of Barcelona. He is currently working as an architect with EIG (eco intelligent growth) with whom he recently began collaboration with time magazine’s “Hero of the planet” William McDonough. His varied fields of activity include: ecology, urbanism, art, film making, radio, gardening, dreaming, wandering, bike riding, street theatre, communicating, working with social movements… all of which for him make up “architecture”. He loves laughing and feeling alive.

Venice Biennales: VB06- Ark: participation @ (French pavilion) METAVILLA::
VB05- Art: mention and part collaboration Irish pavilion, Sarah Pierce.

EASA: Irish NC 2001-4::Guest 08::Tutor 04::Participant 03+02::SESAM 03::INCM 02+01

Related articles and reports: Adapt Or Die (Blessed Unrest @ Letterfrack?) | Dublin´s Metamorphosis | EASA 2008 images | EASA Metamorphosis conference, radio recording | Brian Anson – Architect, Story Teller, Poet, Revolutionary… passed away over the weekend | European Architecture Students Assembly 2008 taking place in Dublin – Letterfrack | Student architects transform an Atlantic village | Architecture students gather in Dublin and Letterfrack


visit satelite map of journey

part 1 – the first step

1 – sunday 10th : Dublin : city living
2 – monday 11: Dublin : eco cities
3 – tuesday 12 : Ballytobin camphill community: community and art
4 – wednesday 13: west cork permaculture school : food
5 – thursday 14 : dells woods @ the shannon : living in nature
6 – friday 15 : shannon farm, lahinch : sustainable agriculture

part 2 – Blessed Unrest @ Letterfrack?

7 – saturday 16: letterfrack: party
8 – sunday 17th : letterfrack: rest and wandering the hills

part 3 – homeward bound

9 – monday 18: rossport : fuel and community struggle
10 – tuesday 19 : liatrim : nature and greenways
11 – wednesday 20: omagh : peace
12 – thursday 21 : derry : how change happens
13 – friday 22 : belfast : using play and laughter for change
14 – saturday 23 : belfast : art as tool for change
15 – sunday 24th : dublin: returning home


Brian Anson tells the next generation the story of the battle of Divis Street
Brian Anson tells the next generation the story of the battle of Divis Street


EASA 2008 (European Architecture Students Assembly) – Letterfrack, Ireland

EASA (European Architecture Students Assembly) is an annual assembly of 400 architecture students and young professionals which takes place over a two week period every August. The aim of the organisation is to encourage cooperation between students and young professionals from over forty European countries through the media of architectural workshops, lectures, conferences, debates and exhibitions. EASA is a practical network for communication, meeting and exchange; architecture students can discuss their ideas, work together and exchange their experiences concerning architecture, education or life in general. The official language of the assembly is English, and members live and work on-site for two weeks.

In 2008 the meeting will be held in Letterfrack, Ireland ( )

The theme this year is adaptation.


Nature and architecture in the West of Ireland

Dublin´s Metamorphosis

(EASA conference, August 2008)

Discussion chaired by Frank McDonald, journalist with The Irish Times, on a broad range of architectural and developmental issues that have become apparent in Celtic Tiger Dublin. Contributors include Dr. Gary Boyd, Ciarán Cuffe TD, Robert Ballagh and Siobhain Ní Éanaigh. The majority of the speakers were very critical of Celtic Tiger Ireland, a change from previous “architectural discussion”. The talk happened in Docklands “white elephant”, CHQ, aka: Stack A.

Sunday August 10 2008 was the day of the discussion, day after the worst rainfall that Ireland had ever seen in the month of august, a wake up call if ever there was one of how we have to adress climate chaos…

Dublin´s Metamorphosis - EASA and others talk about Dublin pre, mid, post Tiger years
Dublin´s Metamorphosis – EASA and others talk about Dublin pre, mid, post Tiger years

Adapt Or Die (Blessed Unrest @ Letterfrack?)

As a species we are finally waking up to the Climatic crisis that we have stupidly gotten ourselves into. After many years of not listening, people now realise the problem we face: ADAPT OR DIE. Some see the human species as a cancer that should die off, a natural end for a silly species. But others have a vision of a sustainable world, a vision that drives them to think differently, act differently, design differently, live differently. For many its simple little lifestyle changes, for others its nothing short of the next chapter in this unfolding strange story of civilization: the ecological revolution.

cities as forests : infrastructure and participation
Cities as forests : infrastructure and participation


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