British State Collusion… Pat Finucane wasn’t the only one!

December 13, 2012

Yesterday David Cameron admitted that there was ‘shocking levels of (British state) collusion’ in the Pat Finucane murder, but how much more collusion has there been that still has to be uncovered?




** The Pat Finucane Centre** Irish Times: British forces ‘facilitated’ UDA murder of Finucane | Timeline of Pat Finucane case | State agencies ‘involved in murder’ – Cameron | Cameron statement on de Silva report | Finucane widow rejects ‘whitewash’ | Taoiseach’s statement on de Silva report | Gilmore says State seeking full Finucane inquiry | SDLP, Sinn Féin seek public inquiry | Mural unveiled to honour Pat Finucane | Governments ‘knew’ of Finucane risk The Guardian: David Cameron admits ‘shocking levels of collusion’ in Pat Finucane murder | Pat Finucane timeline: from 1989 murder to 2012 report | Critics refuse to let Cameron draw line under Pat Finucane scandal | Pat Finucane report: David Cameron apologises over killing | Pat Finucane’s family denounce report as a ‘sham’ | Pat Finucane’s death is a terrible stain on Britain’s record in Northern Ireland BBC: Q&A: The murder of Pat Finucane Journal.IE: Government “strongly disagrees” with decision not to conduct public Finucane inquiry Soundmigration: How the RUC covered up the murder of Pat Finucane. Whats contained in Chpt 6 of Stevens III WSM: Pat Finucane murder & the cover up of Britain’s dirty war in Ireland Indymedia.IE: British Government Murders Human Rights Lawyers in Occupied ireland

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