Janela Climática 2015: N29-D12

November 23, 2015

Aumentando a cultura climática em Curitiba. Para uma cidade mais sustentável, para um mundo mais resiliente.

Source: Janela Climática 2015: N29-D12

Curitiba Climática

November 12, 2015

Work in progress / ainda no processo

Calender (Example: 15m calender from Barcelona)

LInks: Group: Latin America > Cop21


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#RecreateYourCity: Cyclists pocket square Curitiba

May 22, 2015

A Civic Ecology project that has radically transformed the old city centre of the Southern Brazilian city of Curitiba.

In the old centre of Curitiba city there has been something very powerful happening over the last year… Citizens are starting to Re-imagine and Re-create the city. It has all happened in a tiny corner of an old street, a space less than 40 square meters, that was derelict and boarded up for 20 years, but now has gone through an amazing transformation. Not only has it changed this little corner, it has changed the street, in has changed the city, but most of all it has changed the public’s perception on how urban change happens. This is the story of Curitiba’s Cyclists pocket square, or the “Praça de bolso do ciclista“, as it is knows in Portuguese.

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Semana Nacional de Orgânicos Brasil 2015 (25-31 do Maio 2015) (** WORK IN PROGRESS**)

May 22, 2015

An Irish eco dude in Brazil

Semana Nacional de Orgânicos Curitiba este ano sera 25-31 do Maio..

Aqui no Curitiba somos organizando algumas coisas:

– Mostra do documentales: Orgânicos: Uma solucao pela cidade e o meio ambiente
– Eco city tour (Tour Cidade Ecológica)
– Discussão: Nossa vision Orgânico por Curitiba

*** NOTE: This post is still being worked on, apologies for any inconvenience

– Dunk *** NOTA: Ainda somos trabalhando em isso, esta proposta e provisional – Dunk


LINKS:  Mercado Municipalde Curitiba + Mercado Municipal Organicos (FB)Prefeitura de Curitiba  + Prefeitura de Curitiba (FB) + BOX 511 (FB) + #box511TV + Semana Nacional de Orgânicos Brasil 2014Escritorio Verde + Escritorio Verde (FB) + Praça de bolso do ciclista + Parque Gomm + Salvemos o Bosque da Casa Gomm

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2015 – Meeting wonderful people and making a positive environmental + socially just impact

May 22, 2015

An Irish eco dude in Brazil

2014 was a great year, arriving to Brazil to start a new chapter in this fantastic adventure. There was much learned, some fantastic experiences, making new friends and making a new life… It was not all easy, but “Vale o pena”, it was worth the hassle / pain…

2015 has started very positively, our “Food Loop” project is continuing and I have started working in Terra Fértil, a wonderful little stall in the Organic Food section of the mercado municipal, the first of its kind in Brazil, nearly 6 years old. Meeting wonderful people and making a positive environmental and socially just impact for Brazil and the world. Call in sometime and say hello or get a home box delivery of lovely scrumptious and healthy goodies for you and your family… Were box 511, in the far corner.

With “Food Loop” We are also carrying…

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CURITIBA ECO CITY TOURS – Launch weekend, Fri 17-Sun 19 October 2014

May 22, 2015

An Irish eco dude in Brazil

This weekend we are launching the CURITIBA ECO CITY TOURS, 4 FREE tours over the weekend. The first tour is the architectural bike tour on Friday, we leave at 2pm. You can see the poster below and the tour has been posted as a facebook event. There is also a facebook page for the tours: Curitiba Eco City Tours.

See below for outline of all the tours and related information. If you are able to join us for any of the tours it would be great. Please feel free to share this information to your friends and other architectural and ecological networks in the city.

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Brian O’Driscoll, Irish Legend, thanks for a great few years

March 16, 2014

Hope YE all enjoyed the match yesterday…. A Perfect ending, this morning watching d vid clips from RTE, seeing BOD v emotional… A great n truly deserved send off to not just a sporting legend, but someone who comes across as just a really great guy.. Fair play to him, and on this weekend, feels great to be Irish…



Ireland are 2014 6 nations rugby champtions after beating France in a thrilling bloody battle in Paris yesterday.

Brian O’Driscoll, or BOD, or Drico, played his last game in the green jersey after 14 great years, the highest capped player in rugby history, 141 test matches – 133 for Ireland (83 as captain), and 8 for the British and Irish Lions.

– Its Paddys weekend, the days around the world when Irish, and anyone who is on for a good time, celebrate their existence and have a right old party, the win yesterday just added to it all.

– Last week Brian O’Driscoll played his last game in Ireland, he won man of the match due to setting up 3 tries, and he got a phenomenal send off… Something very special in Lansdowne / Aviva

– Apart from his game playing he has done lots to help charities and help out young Irish children, to offer support, to be a role model. Heres the HUGE thank you he got from the kids in Temple street hospital

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