Red, yellow and purple elephants in Spain?´

In case why people are wondering why there are lots of elephants and a strange mix of colours: red, yellow and purple…

The Spanish king has announced he is abdicating. Many spaniards to move on and want an end to the monarchy, if they succeed it will be the 3rd Republic in Spain, last one ended with the fascist Franco launching his civil war.

1 political party has stated that it will vote NO to the process for the transfer of “king” from Juan Carlos to his son Felipe.

Why the elephants, due to the kings “trip” a few years back, off in africa shooting elephants (not cool) while spanish people suffering the horrific economic crisis and austerity cuts they are still battling against today.



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    Poc abans de les deu del matí s’ha començat a estendre el rumor a través de Twitter, a un quart d’onze ho ha filtrat El Periódico a la seva edició digital i ha estat a quarts d’onze quan el president del Govern espanyol Mariano Rajoy ho ha oficialitzat amb una compareixença de premsa: el rei Juan Carlos I de Espanya abdica de la Corona Espanyola.

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