Filling up the MAGIC TANKS is good for the soul


We live on this planet, Earth and for the most part we live in cities – the planet radiates energy, called MAGIC. this magic is radiaded out from the centre, and comes to the surface in spots of natural beauty. It is mostly blocked off when we cover over green space with concrete – Its like putting your finger into a tap when the water is on.

Anyway, we all have MAGIC TANKS inside us. These tanks, like petrol tanks, need to be filled, regularly, so as we function properly. Now, we have to go to a natural spot, we’ll call ita green place, and just wander around. Doing this our tanks are filled up and when full we go back to our normal life, and we do so with big smiles and a feeling inside of WOW LIFE IS SLICK. The nature of life in the city is that it sucks out the magic and when the tank is near empty off for a refill

(This was a letter written to my mother, when sitting in the Iser river outside Talkirchen campsite in Munich, Germany, summer 1999, before the JOURNEY TO THE EDGE OF THE WORLD)

Image and ideas used in some following discussions online:

> Accumulated pain; depression and suicide.

wandering in nature and playing in public helps

> art and politics- OPEN exhibition @ project- temple bar

positive creative open systems are changing the world


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