Guided Tour // Street Art (BCN MES – Sunday 24th March)

Duncan Crowley knows Barcelona inside out. After many years guiding fresh-faced visitors around the traditional tourist sites he is branching out and offering a free tour of street art and the rebellious side of the city, his real passion. Drawing on his personal experiences as an indignado and in squats around the city, the tour includes anarchist spaces, stories of the 15-M movement and valuable insight into the politics behind the graffiti, stencils and stickers we see every day.

15h · Metro Sant Antoni (Tamarit/Ronda Sant Antoni) · Free //

bcn 2

This months edition, #20, of BCN MES includes the above event.

Links: Barcelona: Radical #StreetArt tour today in #Barcelona | looking for activist Barcelona | Let’s plant some seeds :// GARDENING FOR CHANGE (previous BCN MES article) | New projects in Barcelona: Aurea Social + HUB | Bold, Beautiful, Blooming Barcelona asks: What would it mean to win?

Indignados / 15M: Changing the world in the Network Age | #SpanishRevolution reloads, takes aim and fires… #OccupyMordor | Moving on… After Spains 29M general strike, how and why peaceful action is the only way to WIN | Homage to Plaza Catalunya: REAL DEMOCRACY NOW IRELAND event | #SpanishRevolution – Instaling Democracy 2.0 | Tahrir comes to Spain | #spanishrevolution goes global

Political: #RajoyDimisión – Time for Spains corrupt politicians to go | Adeu Spain??? (Is Catalonia about to start the breakup of Spain?) | #14N Vaga General – European Strike November 14 (Barcelona fotos)  | #25S – Madrid “riots”, Agent Provocateurs, terrible injuries and the movements response | “Peoples of Europe, Rise Up” Greece’s message being taken up by France, and maybe beyond too? | Vids to remember 75 years ago: Spanish civil war + Revolution | N30: The day the political landscape changed forever Anarchist: Vivir la utopía / Living Utopia (BeT ♥ peli #6)

Art + Architecture: Art spaces as weapons of war | Onboard the (French) pirate ship METAVILLA (whats being pointed at in Venice this year?) | Playing with Phi, Lahinch Beach 2003

Eco: A Transition Vision For Barcelona City | Greening Barcelona | Helping to build an eco building with our local food co-op | Rocket stove workshop on the roof of Can Roig | In the rain, with raincoats and under brollies, something special happened in Barcelona. | BCN climate change talks 2009 | From the Forum (GEF) to the city (BCN) – First Global Eco Forum is underway in Barcelona… and from here?? | Whats all this Climate Camp stuff then?

Tours: Barcelona Free Walking Tour | Easy Green Tour | Saturday @ BCN = Metro Refugios + Post-it city + Goya + DRAN + Parc Ciutadella

Film: (BeT ♥) Film series @ CAT BAR | BARCELONA REVOLUTION | 15M what’s happening in Spain? | Democracy 2.0 Barcelona


15M what’s happening in Spain?

Democracy 2.0 Barcelona

A black and yellow fever is taking over Spain... and now beyond: #spanishrevolution

BCN MES article from June 2011, interview with Duncan Crowley about INDIGNADO goings on.

This months edition, #20, of BCN MES includes the above event.


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    This post on TWITTER at

  2. fuspey says:

    great photos from yesterdays radical art and culture tour of barcelona city

  3. fuspey says:

    also in girona, things are changing..

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