Interference, one of Ireland’s best bands

Interference, an amazing band from Ireland. I love rock bands that incorporate fiddle and cello. Heres a few vids and audio pieces by and about them, enjoy.

Interference are an Irish band who formed in 1984. They are noteworthy for their live shows and for their powerful songwriting. Fergus O’Farrel’s song ‘Gold’ was a feature in the Irish film ‘Once‘ which won an Oscar for best song ( Falling Slowly, by Glen Hansard and Marketta Irglova ) and it is one of the major songs in the Broadway show of the same name, which cast performed the song during the 2012 Tony Awards where it won 8 awards.

Links: | A Not so brief History of the Band (last FM) | Videos de Musica de Fergus O’farrell | Interference on wikipedia

Interference performing on “Other Voices 1″

Recorded in December 2002 in St. James’ Church, Dingle, Co. Kerry, Ireland.

A Talent for Life – The Fergus O’Farrell Story (RTE: Documentary on One)

A Talent for Life – The Fergus O’Farrell Story (CLICK to listen to audio)

The remarkable story of Fergus O’Farrell – Irish singer-songwriter behind the cult band Interference, and song “Gold” featured in the soundtrack and Broadway adaptation of the movie Once.

Some people have a talent for life. No matter what happens, they just keep going. Cork man Fergus O’Farrell is one of them. Gifted with a special voice and a rare touch for writing melody, he’s one of Ireland’s unsung heroes of music. He’s also got muscular dystrophy – a debilitating condition that slowly saps a person’s strength, by breaking down their muscle tissue.

More than 20 years ago, Fergus and his band Interference released a self-titled album, to much critical acclaim. Yet, the deserved commercial success didn’t follow. And even though their live performances garnered them a legendary status amongst musicians and fans alike…

Fergus O’Farrell, nationwide RTE


INTERFERENCE perform “Cain & Abel”, at Coughlans Live, Cork City, Ireland. 30th September 2012.


I Was Looking – Interference


Killer Species by Interference, recorded July 1988 in the Olympic Ballroom, Dublin for the ‘Check it Out’ Tv Series. Band : Fergus O’Farrell (Vox, Guitar) James O’Leary (Guitars) Colm McCaughey (Vox, Fiddle, Violin) Kevin Murphy (Bass Guitar, Cello) Maurice Culligan (Vox, Piano, Keyboards) Cal McCarthy (Drums, Percussion)

INTERFERENCE [Midnight Blues]

Midnight Blues, the legendary set finisher from interference from a midnight gig in the Ed Burke Theatre TCD, Dublin in April 1990..this is the one that got the 10 minute standing ovation, everyone else had left the stage except Ferg who was sitting front and centre on a box !! Mad moment.


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