#RajoyDimisión – Time for Spains corrupt politicians to go

#1F Barcelona: 19H Placa Catalunya – 19.30 Placa Sant Jaume

Tonight all over Spain, people will return to the squares and placas of the country, to demand the resignation of president Rajoy and all the rest of his party involved in a huge corruption scandal, that broke yesterday:

Rajoy ante el escándalo de los presuntos pagos irregulares del partido.
The Guardian : Spanish prime minister Rajoy accused of hiding secret income

Mariano Rajoy’s government reeling from claims that he received €250,000 in money that had been hidden from tax authorities

Spanish prime minister Mariano Rajoy‘s government was rocked by a major corruption scandal on Thursday after the publication of documents that allegedly showed him receiving €250,000 that had been hidden from tax authorities.

Rajoy denied the allegations after El País published extracts from what it said were secret accounts for his People’s party (PP). But opponents called for his resignation and ordinary Spaniards asked whether those now imposing spending cuts and tax rises in the middle of a painful recession had previously indulged in, or tolerated, systematic tax avoidance.

Video: Euronews: Spanish protesters call for Rajoy resignation as corruption scandal closes in

rajoy dimision copia

Links: English: Spain’s Premier Is Drawn Into a Widening Graft Scandal Gripping His Party (New York Times)  | Rajoy drawn into corruption scandal (Financial Times) | Spanish prime minister Rajoy accused of hiding secret income (Guardian) | Top Popular Party officials shown to receive payments on the side (El Pais) | Most of donations in Bárcenas’ secret ledgers exceeded legal limits (El Pais) | #BÁRCENAS – SPANISH PEOPLE PROTEST AGAINST GOVERMENT CORRUPTION – 31:JAN:2013

(vid) Spanish or Catalan: El quiosco emplaza a Rajoy y al PP a aclarar las donaciones y los pagos ocultos que desvela Bárcenas | UN MILLÓN DE FIRMAS POR LA DIMISIÓN DE LA CÚPULA DEL PP #lospapelesdeBárcenas #quesevayantodos | La fiscalia es planteja cridar a declarar la cúpula del PPEl ‘caso Bárcenas’ hiere de gravedad al Gobierno de Rajoy | Cientos de españoles repudian la corrupción ante la sede del PP en Madrid (vid) TWITTER: #LosPapelesDeBárcenas | #AcampadaDestituyente | #RajoyDimision

Story is main news around the world, via TWEET

: Spain’s Premier Is Drawn Into a Widening Graft Scandal Gripping His Party

MADRID — Just as Spain’s financial troubles seemed to be diminishing, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy has become engulfed in a widening corruption scandal involving payments to the leaders of his Popular Party.

On Thursday, El País, Spain’s leading newspaper, published what it said were excerpts from the party’s financial accounts that showed regular payouts to leading party members above their official salaries. Mr. Rajoy first appeared in the ledgers in 1997 and received sums averaging $34,000 a year through 2008, the newspaper said. The money, it said, came from “donations” from companies, particularly construction companies…

: Rajoy drawn into corruption scandal

Spain’s prime minister has become embroiled in a growing scandal over secret cash payments to ruling party politicians after a newspaper published what it claimed to be accounts showing payments reaching as high as Mariano Rajoy himself.

The Popular party on Thursday again firmly denied that its leaders, including Mr Rajoy, received improper cash payments funded from donations from construction companies, as flames from the corruption allegations licked at the feet of some of its most senior figures.

: UPDATE 4-Spain corruption scandal turns up heat on PM Rajoy

A recent poll by Metroscopia showed that 96 percent of Spaniards believe corruption is widespread in politics in Spain, after dozens of cases emerged in recent years, most notably an ongoing judicial investigation into alleged embezzlement of public funds by King Juan Carlos’ son-in-law.

“This does not help to calm down the difficult moments that we are going through, economically, politically and the climate on the street. This is a time for maximum transparency,” Jose Antonio Monago, the president of the region of Extremadura, told reporters at a news conference unrelated to the party scandal.


Last night in Madrid, massive crowds blocked by riot police outside PP offices

#1F Barcelona: 19H Placa Catalunya – 19.30 Placa Sant Jaume : We return to the squares

#1F Cartelón de #AcampadaStJaume #Barcelona ¡Tornem a les places! #volvemos31e https://t.co/IVA8FsRu (TWITTER: https://twitter.com/BlancaMundele/status/297142161856659457 )

Barcelona activist groups: NO HAY PAN PARA TANTO CHORIZOIndignados BarcelonaSpanish RevolutionMovimiento 15MiaioflautasTake the SquareAcampadabcnUniversitat Indignada 15MDemocracia real YA

Were camping en Placa Sant Jaume, we need your help:

*** Vids:


RT: Cientos de españoles repudian la corrupción ante la sede del PP en Madrid


Front page from Thursdays papers to break the story: EL PAIS: Los papeles secretos de Bárcenas


Front pages from todays papers via EL PERIODICO: El quiosco emplaza a Rajoy y al PP a aclarar las donaciones y los pagos ocultos que desvela Bárcenas

El País, 1-2-2013.

El Mundo, 1-2-2013.

Abc, 1-2-2013.

La Razón, 1-2-2013.

La Gaceta, 1-2-2013.

ELPERIÓDICO, 1-2-2013.

La Vanguardia, 1-2-2013.

Ara, 1-2-2013.

El Punt-Avui, 1-2-2013.

Adeu Rajoy (Bye Bye Rajoy)

UN MILLÓN DE FIRMAS POR LA DIMISIÓN DE LA CÚPULA DEL PP #lospapelesdeBárcenas #quesevayantodos


16 Responses to #RajoyDimisión – Time for Spains corrupt politicians to go

  1. fuspey says:

    GUARDIAN; Anger at Spanish political corruption must be converted into action at last

    New allegations of spectacular corruption in the ruling People’s party should put paid to Spain’s tolerance of such scandals

  2. fuspey says:
  3. fuspey says:


  4. fuspey says:

    first tents up in placa cat, after nearly a year and a half

  5. fuspey says:
  6. fuspey says:
  7. fuspey says:
  8. fuspey says:

    El País: Anti-corruption prosecutor hard at work in Spain

    Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the eurozone financial crisis, and other key events in the world economy.

    The unfolding corruption allegations in Spain continue to dominate the agenda, after helping send European stock markets sliding yesterday.

    El País, which broke the story last week, reports this morning that Spain’s anti-corruption prosecutor is holding a wide-ranging investigation into claims that senior members of the ruling People’s party, including prime minister Mariano Rajoy, received secret, illegal payments over many years.

    The prosecutor, it says, is comparing the PP’s last 13 years of public accounts with the ‘secret accounting system’, which El Pais claims was created by treasurer Luis Bárcenas.

    According to El País the investigation will consider whether any individuals, or the PP, committed tax fraud by not declaring secret payments, and whether limits on political donations were breached.

    The full story is online here in Spanish (or there’s a Google translation into English here)

    With Rajoy insisting yesterday the allegations are untrue, the scandal could loom over the eurozone for some time.

    The financial markets are calmer this morning. But there’s plenty of chatter about how the eurozone crisis has returned – if indeed it ever went away.

    I’ll be tracking the latest developments in Spain, and beyond, including the latest service sector data for many European countries – and a speech by French president François Hollande.


  9. fuspey says:

    VILAWEB: La premsa internacional qüestiona la credibilitat de Rajoy, el PP i Espanya

    El Financial Times diu que totes les institucions, inclosa la monarquia, presenten ‘senyals de putrefacció’
    (Dilluns 04.02.2013 11:54)

    Rajoy in crisis’ FT – http://www.ft.com/intl/cms/s/0/42eee200-6c78-11e2-b774-00144feab49a.html

    ECONOMIST: Can Rajoy hang on to his job?

    New York Times: Spanish Leader Pledges Transparency Amid Corruption Inquiry

    EUA, Businessweek, del grup Bloomberg: Spain’s Rajoy Fails to Quell Graft Criticism Amid Calls to Quit

    BBC: La corrupción en España salpica al presidente

    + Hervidero en España por escándalo de corrupción

    + Las claves del escándalo que golpea al partido en el gobierno en España

  10. fuspey says:

    1,000,000 and more people calling for Rajoy to go #RajoyDimision

    if they are all guilty, they should all face time… But things like that can be hard to make happen in spain…

    it may be hard to eject Mariano Rajoy from office even if he is guilty of taking illegal payments.

    The wheels of justice turn slowly in Spain, experts say. Magistrates can spend years examining a case, and might leave their post before the work is done – forcing the next guy to plod through it all again.

    That’s why some Madrid insiders reckon Rajoy is safe.

    Reuters reports:

    A member of parliament for Rajoy’s Popular Party summed up a sanguine mood in the PP, voicing confidence delays would stifle the problem:

    “Beyond all the political noise, I don’t think this will cause instability for the government or the party,” he said. “It’s an issue that won’t have any quick conclusion.

    Investment analyst Alastair Newton at Nomura in London also saw little urgent threat to government stability. “Furthermore,” he wrote in a research note on Tuesday, “If Spanish prosecutors were to decide that there is a case to answer, it is likely to take some years to prove, or otherwise, any wrongdoing.”

    Fernando Jimenez a political scientist and corruption expert at the University of Murcia, noted dozens of corruption cases involving all major parties had been dragging through the courts for years:

    “Everyone knows there are very few convictions in corruption cases, so you get this sense of impunity,” he said.


  11. fuspey says:

  12. fuspey says:

    why might the government of spain fall? because the president #Rajoy is corrupt and dodging questiong for months, today he is facing the parliament to explain the dodgy goings on



    The Irish Times: Spain’s Rajoy sorry for trusting treasurer

  13. fuspey says:

    Coscubiela a Rajoy: “Usted es un corrupto”

  14. fuspey says:

    Spain PM denies taking illegal funds but admits handling scandal badly

    After months of evasion, Mariano Rajoy tells parliament that his mistake was in supporting his party’s jailed ex-treasurer


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