#14N Vaga General – European Strike November 14 (Barcelona fotos)

Spain, Greece, Portugal, Italy, France will take to the streets next Wednesday, the 14th of November, in a pan Europen General Strike (last PIGGY Ireland wont be involved) http://europeanstrike.org/14n-europeanstrike-en-fr-es-it/

Report from 29M, last Spanish general Strike: http://tinyurl.com/a4sq7q8


European Strike, people of Europe, rise up !

On November the 14th, Portugal, spain and other countries, will be on global strike to say no to austerity measures. Everywhere in europe, activist social movements organise themselves to say Stop to austerity, stop to those ultraliberal politics serving finance.

Portugal and Spain will be on global strike the 14th november, many countries prepare them to max out all say no to austerity measures ETUC, responding to popular pressure, decided to call for strike demonstrations and meeting for november the 14th. People have to rise up against the austerity politics, organized social fractures, that are used to pay back some debt that is not theirs… People have to fight politics that protect, encourage a minority part of the class who gets richer and richer with this increasing austerity and these illegitime debt interests.

Yes, this debt is illegitime, contracted by the financial world against people’s real interest. This debt is not ours, whe owe nothing to them and we’ll pay nothing.

This day of global strike won’t be a ponctual action. It must be the beginning of a buildup by people against politicians, banks, the markets and industrial trusts.

After this day of struggle, it is an absolute necessity to build together a global unlimited strike.

People of Europe, rise, up, struggle together for a Social Europe, full of equality where none will be left on the side.

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“Peoples of Europe, Rise Up” – Greek Banner hung from the Acropolis, May 2010


View all photos of the #14N lead up from Barcelona here

A flavour from the radical Catalan independentistas, via ARRAN

Plataforma prou retallades – Plataform against the cuts
14 reasons to participate in the strike – http://prouretallades.blogspot.com.es/ (click to view in greater detail)

Grandes los aficionados del Rayo Vallecano, partido jugado esta tarde “El capitalismo está en crisis, nosotros en guerra, el 14 todos a la huelga” (image from here)

Great Rayo Vallecano fans at a game today had a banner: “Capitalism is in crisis, we are at war, all to the strike on the 14th”

And a little VIDEO: Nacho Mostacho and the travelling Pig

Videos from the 29M in Barcelona, during the last General strike in Spain

Incidentes huelga 29M Barcelona – Inicidents Vaga 29M Barcelona

Spain Barcelona General Strike 29/3/2012



7 Responses to #14N Vaga General – European Strike November 14 (Barcelona fotos)

  1. fuspey says:

    *** AMAZING FOOTAGE, from barcelona this evening, courtesy of the very excellent and very brave reporting from acampadabcn_int

    Barcelona #14nRiseUp #peoplewitness

    TWEET at https://twitter.com/acampadabcn_int/status/268794192489230336

  2. fuspey says:

    Europe’s day of anti-austerity strikes and protests turn violent – as it happened

  3. fuspey says:

    again rubber bullets in barcleona, 1 woman lost her eye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr_lRr-4_5k&feature=youtu.be

  4. fuspey says:

    again rubber bullets in barcleona, 1 woman lost her eye http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xr_lRr-4_5k

  5. fuspey says:

    FINALLY in barcelona the minister of interior felip puig, has admitted that indeed there were rubber bullets being fired off by his cops, the mossos, during the last general strike in spain, which saw yet another person loosing her eye, after being shot directly in the face…

    All this comes after much time of denying such brutal actions by the barcelona police.


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