N30: This Is What Democracy Looks + Eye of the storm (BeT ♥) Film series @ CAT BAR

(BeT ) Ciclo de cine @ CAT BAR

Estas películas se proyectará el jueves 19 de Abril 2012 en Barcelona en CAT BAR a las 20.30h. Será el tercero película de la Barcelona en Transició, de la commision CORAZÓN ♥. Una parte del PARTE AMARILLO : QATSI (LA VIDA). Los 2 pelis seran en ingles con sutitlos en español.

1 – ”Eye of the storm / En el ojo del tormento” – Prequel   IMC-Argentina (14 mins corto)

2 – This Is What Democracy Looks Like (68 mins)

The day the political landscape changed forever, was how Fritjof Capra referred to events ofN30, Tuesday 30th of November 1999, in his book The Hidden Connections. He was referring to the day when 1000´s of global justice activists came together and succeeded in shutting down the first WTO talks in the US using (mostly) non violent direct actions (NVDA) in the north western US city of Seattle. This was the event which brought the “globalisation” debate to the mainstream. It has been misleadingly described as anti-globalisation, what it should be accurately described as is anti corporate globalisation.

1 – ”Eye of the storm / En el ojo del tormento” – Prequel   IMC-Argentina

A thing born once in Seattle amidst tear gas and protest…

Many things grew out of those days in Seattle, one of them has grown from strength to strength and is perhaps the best metaphor like tool we can use to understand the new ways of doing things: Networking, building up and using efficient, open and honest tools of communication: Indymedia. The bi lingual film “i“ or ”Eye of the storm”, made by IMC-Argentina, is a beautiful film which shows the birth and growth and magic of “a global network” . It focuses on the rise of Indymedia and how participative media grew during the economic and social crisis in Argentina. (also viewable on ClipShack and Dailymotion. Full film available here)

2 – This Is What Democracy Looks Like (68 mins)

This Is What Democracy Looks Like

This film, shot by 100 amateur camera operators, tells the story of the enormous street protests in Seattle, Washington in November 1999, against the World Trade Organization summit being held there. Vowing to oppose, among other faults, the WTO’s power to arbitrally overrule nations’ environmental, social and labour policies in favour of unbridled corporate greed, protestors from all around came out in force to make their views known and stop the summit. Against them is a brutal police force and a hostile media as well as the stain of a minority of destructively overzealous comrades. Against all odds, the protesters bravely faced fierce opposition to take back the rightful democratic power that the political and corporate elite of the world is determined to deny the little people.

“The documentary, like the protest, turns Art into Action.” – The Village Voice

Watch entire film (68 mins- subtitles in Spanish, filed on google):


Watch full film from the streets about the action on the streets: This Is What Democracy Looks Like

*** More infos on the day and related films: N30: The day the political landscape changed forever


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