Maths rocks!!!

The Story of Maths


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The Story of Maths is a British television series outlining aspects of the history of mathematics. The series was a co-production between the Open University and the BBC and aired in October 2008 on BBC Four. The material was written and presented by Oxford professor Marcus du Sautoy.

The series comprised four programmes respectively titled: The Language of the Universe; The Genius of the East; The Frontiers of Space; and To Infinity and Beyond. Du Sautoy documents the development of mathematics covering subjects such as the invention of zero and the unproven Riemann hypothesis, a 150 year old problem for whose solution the Clay Mathematics Institute has offered a $1,000,000 prize. He escorts viewers through the subject’s history and geography. He examines the development of key mathematical ideas and shows how mathematical ideas underpin the science, technology, and culture that shape our world.

He starts his journey in ancient Egypt and finishes it by looking at current mathematics. But in between he travels through Babylon, Greece, India, China, and the medieval Middle East. He also looks at mathematics in Europe and then in America and takes the viewers inside the lives of many of the greatest mathematicians.

– View all infos on the BBC website

1 – The Language of the Universe

2 – The Genius of the East

3 – The Frontiers of Space

4 – To Infinity and Beyond

The Story of Maths – Episode 1: The Language of the Universe

(this series can be watched in Spanish here)

Related article of a mathematical artistic action on the beach of West Clare, Ireland many moons ago:

Playing with Phi, Lahinch Beach 2003


Im afraid it seems that not all the episodes are available on Youtube (which allows for them to be easily embedded on blog posts), here is one more:

The Story of Maths part 1/4 episode 4

But not to fear, you can watch them all online on at VEED here.

And if you enjoyed that, theres a related BBC radio with Marcus du Sautoy at A Brief History of Mathematics



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  1. fuspey says:

    Find all online on youtube in

    1 –

    2 –

    3 –

    4 –

    1 – (each section broken into 4 parts..)

  2. fuspey says:

    How to learn to love maths

    New advice suggests children should study maths until they leave school. Don’t be scared though, numbers are wonderful, fascinating things

  3. fuspey says:

    Happy “National Day of Mathematics” to all those in Brazil, or Brazilians elsewhere. Sukran to Hatem Elmantawi for this delighful bit of news. Maths Rocks!!!

    Malba Tahan – or, to give him his full name, Ali Iezid Izz-Edim Ibn Salim Hank Malba Tahan – was a Middle Eastern author who wrote in Arabic and was translated into Portuguese for the Brazilian market, readers were told. His short pieces were morality tales written in the style of the Arabian Nights, which soon began to touch on mathematical themes.

    They were a huge success, and in 1932 Malba Tahan published what would became one of the most successful books ever written in Brazil The Man Who Counted.

    *** I was not aware of this, so must run down to the neares SEBO (2nd hand bookshop) to pick up a copy


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