So let the music keep your spirits high – Music from #OccupyIreland

#OccupyIreland, 6 camps and building… Dublin, Cork, Galway, Belfast, Waterford…Letterkenny..

featured imageOccupy Ireland network is giving hope where previously there was none.

So let the music keep your spirits high” is a line from a great song by Jackson Browne, that was made famous for many Irish by Christy Moore;  “Before The Deluge“.

Anyway down in Dame Street, down by the banks of the Lee, out on windswept Eyre Square, up by writers square, out with the blahs down in the Deise or making trouble up in Tír Conall…

Aswell as plotting and scheming, building tent cities, making, sharing out and eating food, doing the wash up, managing live streams, giving the odd interview to RTE or TV3, agreeing with those shaking jazz hands, chatting passionately with a stranger over a cup of tea, sitting in wonder, drying off wet socks, composing a poem… (the list goes on, all part of making Revolution) There has been a whole host of cracking music, from both people down living in the camps and also people who have come down to visit… So heres a bit of a list, granted it wont be a full one, of whats be going on…

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A great crowd at #OccupyDameStreet for Billy Bragg’s free solidarity gig, off the back of a truck

Part 1 – Occupy dame street crew + The Mighty Stef (12oct – day 5)

Occupy dame street crew: We dont want to fight no more…

The Mighty Stef: “Milk” + “Born to Run”

Part 2 – Jinx Lennon, 20th October 2011 (Day 13)

Dundalk folk-punk-poet Jinx Lennon performed at the Occupy Dame Street demonstration outside the Central Bank, Dublin, on 20th October 2011 (Day 13)

 2 faced pricks



you must forgive the cunts

My guitar is a magic wand

Jinx Lennon : Unknown title

Part 3 – Billy Bragg free secret solidarity gig at Occupy Dame Street (Saturday 22nd October 2011 – Day 15)

Billy read out the following message to the assembled crowd from #OccupyLondon:

Dear occupy Dublin, you are beautiful. Never doubt that what you are doing is important and relevant and makes a great difference. You give us a chance to see how the world can be if we only want it enough. We are the future and we refuse to pay for theirs any longer…

dlúthpháirtíochta (solidarity as gaeilge)

*** He sang the following tunes:

1 – Which side are you on
2 – There is power in a union
3 – The Internationale

Occupy Dame Street ft BillyBragg : Intro + Which side are you on (with a little early tek sound problem)

Occupy Dame Street: Billy Bragg singing ‘There is power in a union’ 22nd October 2011

Occupy Dame Street introducing Billy Bragg- The Internationale

Part 4 – Occupy Dame Street: Michael Franti (Oct 25th – Day 18)

Franti brought 15 minutes of pure sunshine to Dame Street after the wettest day on camp so far.

Part 5 – Barley Mob: Stand Up, Rise Up, Big Up WWWWOOOO HHOOOOOO

The Barley Mob performing “You’ll Never Be Lost When You’ve Got Music” for Occupy Dame Street Protest Camp at the Central Bank in Dublin city centre. October 15th, 2011

Barley Mob: You’ll Never Be Lost When You’ve Got Music

Folsom Prison Blues & Stand Up, Rise Up

Thanks to Eamon De Staic, for recording and uploading these, great energy in the street…

Part 6 – A bit of trad + a little French ditty

Occupy Dame Street – Trad session – Early Day Five (guitar and mandolin)

Occupy Dame Street, Dublin, Ireland – 12-10-11 – Irish music session at the camp

(flutes n fiddles everywhere, if tis music you want, you should come to #OccupyDameStreet… This one went out on the LIVESTREAM)

Deux Jeune Filles a #OccupyDameStreet

Part 7 – #OccupyCork Part 1 – Paddy Nash, Billy brag + A bit of trad

And of course, its not only in the BIG SHMOKE that all the music is going on, oh no no… some great stuff from the other corners of the island, heres a little bit from the Peoples Repulic, the Rebels of Cork

Paddy Nash – Greedy Little Man- Occupy Cork

Paddy is, as far as I know, from Derry and was touring with Billy Bragg… This is a great great song with one of the best lines Ive heard “I’ll shit on you, I’ll shit on you, I’ll shit on you, I’ll shit on you, I’ll shit on you, I’ll shit on you, I’ll shit on you…. and your little dog”

Occupy Cork, friday 21st Oct, trad session

Billy bragg at occupy cork: There is power in the union

**** Keep updated on stuff at CORK’s Youtbube channel : Music at OC

Part 8 – the didgeridoo, guitar and a loop pedal dude + the amazing Acapella Group (last 3 days, tue nov 8)

A didgeridoo, a guitar and a loop pedal

Acapella Group Come to Dame Street
Thanks to Stephen Lacy, for these uploads

******* This is an open ongoing article…

There will be more occupations, there will be more tunes… Rock on #Occupy lads in Ireland… all heroes


11 Responses to So let the music keep your spirits high – Music from #OccupyIreland

  1. fuspey says:

    A didgeridoo, a guitar and a loop pedal

  2. fuspey says:

    Acapella Group Come to Dame Street

  3. fuspey says:


    #Irish music legend Christy Moore supporting #OccupyDameStreet today 2pm… #ireland @eoinbutler @drmarkperry #OWS #dublin

    Related BLOG post: Christy Moore: musician, singer, poet, warrior, legend

  4. fuspey says:

    Great Dublin hip-hop at #occupydamestreet

  5. fuspey says:

    Some of the talented performers who played on Dame Street November 19th. Featuring Garry O’Brien, DJ Moschops, DJackulate, Deviant, Matthew Lennon , Street Literature & Dean Scurry

  6. fuspey says:

    Dermot Power sings the Pater Haynes classic at The Occupy Waterford Camp –

  7. fuspey says:

    GLen Hansard, Mundy, Liam O’Maonlai, Steve Wall, occupy Dame St. December 24th xmas eve 2011 busk for homeless people in Dublin.

    Liam O’Maonlai – occupy dame st..

    Mundy – Bob Dylan Cover – Occupy dame st.

    glen Hansard say it to me now – Occupy Dame st

    dame st You aint goin nowhere.wmv

  8. fuspey says:

    DAMIEN DEMPSEY @ #ODS – 23/12/2011


    #ODS LIVE MUSIC DAMIEN DEMPSEY LIVE 23/12/2011 (part 2?)

    part 3 occupydamestreet

    part 4

  9. fuspey says:

    ANDY EARLEY – occupy dame street

    #ODS LIVE MUSIC 10/12/2011 ANDY EARLEY occupy dame street

    part 2

    part 3

  10. fuspey says:

    Christy Moore at Occupy Dame Street, december 6th 2011

  11. fuspey says:

    a fine tune re 15f

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