‎Christy Moore: musician, singer, poet, warrior, legend

Christy Moore is one of Irelands superstars!!!

Watch a music playlist – 100 tunes, click here… It starts with LISDONVARNA…

“Here we are in the county Clare, tis a long long way from here to there… If its music you want, you should come to Clare…”

Recent articles in the Irish Times: ‘How many gigs are left? Is it 10, 100 or 1,000?’

Below are a couple of choice vids and interviews. Enjoy

#christymoore trended on twitter last week becuase he appeared on the late late show friday night, recording isnt up yet, but heres a super appearance from 2011…

part 1

part 2

part 3 , finishing with “The balled of ruby walsh”

Think this has to be the only “music video” made by christy, a video for that old christy hennessy song; dont forget your shovel:

christy here sings an ol rebel tune, the galtee mountain boy… for some time, he was in trouble due to his republican support, his H blocks album was banned, he was followed by the special branch… 80’s Ireland was quiet a different place… anyway heres a lovely tune from tipperary

Christy doesnt drink now, but in the old days he drank whatever was in sight, as the photo above captures well, aswell as consuming nearly anything there was to consume… his autobiography “One Voice: My Life in Song” (click on link, to have a good gawk inside…) captures very well that side of things, as does the song “i like the way pierce turner sings” on his red disc on the box set… talking about his sleepless coke filled days…. anyway here is a cracking tune which captures the madness of the booze world… the old johhny jump up…

I think this is Christys first appearance on the late late show, but not full sure of that, with Planxty back in about 1972… have to love the chops on him then, when he outs with the bodhran and lets rip…
a cracking tune

And lastly; yet another gem: Raggle Taggle Gypsy: Planxty Staidiam Náisiúnta, Baile Átha Cliath 1973

And he didnt forget those brave Irishmen who left Ireland to fight with the Spanish people during that sad sad tragic affair the Spanish civil war, the International brigades. And as he sings “The bishop in Maynooth gave the call to support the nazis“, the vid is complete with images from that sad part in Irelands history: Viva la quinta brigada

“Ill say one thing about (Margeret) Thatcher… There was some terrific songs written during her reign”… This is part of the opening to this live version of the “ballad of and ordinary man”, which he learned in the early 80’s over in Grimsby. Christy was no fan of the ex British prime minister, on the box set there is plenty commentry about her and the destruction she left in her wake.

Barrowlands in Glasgow is Christys favourite venue… and when you see the crowd singing “Viva la Quinta Brigada” with him you know why. Here he is singing that great tune “Before the Deluge”… “Some of them were dreamers…” its that great tune with that great line: SO LET THE MUSIC KEEP  YOUR SPIRITS HIGH

He has changed over the years, physically (especially with the supping), mentally, politicallay, spiritually… His story, perhaps, runs on a parallel trajectory of the history of Ireland… Ride On Christy boy, thanks.




30 years ago today, Luke Kelly died

– #IrishLegends: Philo – Irelands first rocker


11 Responses to ‎Christy Moore: musician, singer, poet, warrior, legend

  1. fuspey says:

    Christy Moore and Friends part 1

    Christy Moore and Friends part 2

    Christy Moore and Friends part 3

  2. fuspey says:

    The Black Velvet Band – Christy Moore & The Dubliners

  3. fuspey says:

    Christy Moore On the Late Late Show 2009 Part 1

    Christy Moore On the Late Late Show 2009 Part 2

    Christy Moore ‘On Morecambe Bay & Farmer Micheal Hayes’ On the Late Late Show 2011

  4. fuspey says:

    Christy Moore at the ICTU protest Dublin 27 November 007

    Christy Moore – Balled of James Larkin (1969)

  5. fuspey says:

    Great news: Chisty Moore standing in solidarity

    Christy Moore, a veteran supporter of activism and protest, will be visiting the ongoing occupation of the Central Bank Plaza on Monday the 14th November at approximately 2pm. Moore has endorsed a long list of causes, ranging from El Salvador to Mary Robinson in the 1990 Presidential Election. At the Glastonbury Festival in 2005 he sang about the Palestinian solidarity activist Rachel Corrie.

    #IrishMusic: Christy Moore at #OccupyDameStreet today 2pm facebook.com/OccupyDameStre… #occupygalway #occupybelfast #occupywaterford #occupycork #OO

  6. fuspey says:

    Not only is Marco a great video and photo man, he is also an incredible singer and musician. Many years ago, Marco was the young equivalent of one of my heroes; Christy Moore (Christy Moore: musician, singer, poet, warrior, legend). A passionate man using his music and song to tell stories to try to make a better world, but for speaking the truth he was driven out of his own country and came to this part of the world as a political refugee. He can not go home to Venezuala to see his family for fear he would be killed, such is the cruellness of life at times.


  7. fuspey says:

    Christy Moore spends an hour of song & chat with John this morning
    john murray show, thursday 26 sep 2012

    Christy Moore Special Thursday 27th September 2012

    John is joined in studio by Irish folk singer, songwriter & guitarist, Christy Moore. Christy is here for an hour of song & chat with requests from our listeners asking Christy to sing one of his songs, which evokes strong memories & their stories behind them.

    The show: Christy Moore joins John for an hour of chat and song
    [audio src="http://podcast.rasset.ie/podcasts/audio/2012/0927/20120927_christymoo_c20026233_20026234_232_.mp3" /]

    The day after: Christy Moore
    John reads emails and texts following our programme with Christy yesterday. This podcast includes an additional song from Christy singing Song for Magdalenes by Joni Mitchell
    [audio src="http://podcast.rasset.ie/podcasts/audio/2012/0928/20120928_christymoo_c20026267_20026270_232_.mp3" /]

  8. fuspey says:

    christy finally gets to sing a few old tunes in that beautiful room in west kerry

  9. fuspey says:

    Christy Moore_Vita Cortex Workers Support Concert

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