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EASY GREEN is a new eco group which enable EASY steps for people to make to learn how to live a Greener lifestyle. This Sunday is World Environment Day, come join us for the EASY GREEN TOUR which runs from 16h at the Lost & Found fair in Barceloneta.

Meet: Plaça del Mar <m> Barceloneta (map here) Date: Sun 5th June Cost: €5* Length: 2 hours (finishing in the #acampadaBCN at Placa Catalunya) 

The fair is on all day and the EASY GREEN group will be there doing workshops, talks and many more things. We leave at 16h from the stall and the walk will be about 2 hours, it is all in English. It will finish in Placa Catalunya at the #acampadaBCN, which is where the #Spanishrevolution has been happening for the last 2 weeks.

https://i2.wp.com/media02.linkedin.com/mpr/mpr/shrink_80_80/p/3/000/099/017/07445a8.jpgThe tour is one of the components of the EASY GREEN project being developed by the eco cooperative Barcelonya. Our collaboration with Lost & Found was an initiative of Petz Scholtus and Barcelona Open Green Map. This is the first tour we are doing, we are learning as we go. The tour will be led by Dunk; Irish eco architect, city tour guide#acampadaBCN global communications activist, part founder of  Barcelona en Transició.

ES_10 portadaWe plan to do the tour in 7 stages, covering 7 different but interconnected issues, each of which has been explored indepth by the publications of ES (education and sustainability) which is another project from the Barcelonya team. The issues covered this Sunday are:

Health, climate change, biodiversity, cities, food, learning 2.0, money

You can view a map here of the route we will take, we start from the red mark at the beach

Most of all though, this is a social event, because that is what is the key to changing (y)our world: Fun and enjoyment. We do this stuff because we love it, we wish to share some of our insight in the hope that more and more people choose an EASY GREEN lifestyle and with that the whole world becomes a little more fair and balanced.

So see you on Sunday, get ready for loads of FUN!!!

* = Cost: €5 (or whatever you can afford or is reasonable for you, if you want to give more that is also fine… we also accept alternative currency, if you have an exchange proposal for us come and tell us…)

A few things maybe of interest:

ES magazines: 1 – climate change | 2 – responsible consumption | 3 – water | 4 – cities | 5 – food | 6 – mobility | 7 – learning 2.0 | 8 – biodiversity | 9 – health | 10 – money
In November 2009, Petz Scholtus and Pöko Design launched the Barcelona Open Green Map. Here is their excellent video of what its about:
Article about previous Lost & Found fair: Lost & Found: Barcelona Reinvents Second Hand Markets
Transition stuff:
Algunos eventos el 4 de junio en Barcelona (day of talks:Fri 4th June)
Greening Barcelona
A Transition Vision For Barcelona City
Urban eco tours

and lastly…

Bargain Book Green Made Easy 150x150 Discounted Book   Green Made EasyGreen Made Easy: The Everyday Guide for Transitioning to a Green Lifestyle is currently a great bargain at only $0.99, down from $12.95. Description: In Green Made Easy, author and green pioneer Chris Prelitz shares how to be both environmental and economical at the same time. Going green is not only good for our planet, it’s good for your pocketbook.


World Environment Day

Forests: Nature At Your Service 05 June


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  1. […] organise free city walking tours, eco tours and architectural tours of this city, we go for nightime adventures to visit bars, we organise […]

  2. […] organise free city walking tours, eco tours and architectural tours of this city, we go for nightime adventures to visit bars, we organise […]

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