Urban eco tours

https://i1.wp.com/www.indymedia.ie/attachments/may2006/dsc06591.jpgCity tours are a great way to explore ideas, they act as social events, allowing for new connections to be made between people and aspects of urbanism. They can be done in small or big groups, on bike or by foot. Here are a few examples from over the years…

Ruta en Bici por un Via Verdes (Festa de la Transició Sant Marti La Verneda)  (10 mayo, 2011: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

– Bike ride for a greenway (Transition party in Sant Marti La Verneda)

Barcelona Free Walking Tour  (November 2010 ongoing: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

10:10 en Barcelona: Caminata a los huertos urbanos (10 octubre, 2010 Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

10:10 in Barcelona: Urban gardens wander

bcn map-color2

Transicion camino mensual – Mayo, la ciudad antigua  (26 mayo, 2009: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

Green and Blue walk: Dublin's Metamorphosis... "Botanic Spine": Urban greenway and CPUL
Green and Blue walk: Dublin’s Metamorphosis… “Botanic Spine”: Urban greenway and CPUL (Saturday August 09, 2008: Dublin, Ireland)

Saturday @ BCN = Metro Refugios + Post-it city + Goya + DRAN + Parc Ciutadella  (28 april, 2008: Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain)

– Monthly Transition city wander – May, the old city


Dublin : first greenway cycle of 2006  (Tuesday April 25, 2006: Dublin, Ireland)

dublin ECG
Dublin City Greenway Cycle  (Wednesday June 01 2005: Dublin, Ireland)

tree walk @ dublin

Dublin city Tree walk  (11-15th april 2005: Dublin, Ireland)

Green and Blue wander  (Saturday August 14 2004: Dublin, Ireland)

FILLAWELLY FOR BAM  (January 13 2004: Dublin, Ireland)

OXFORD SOCIAL WANDER (6th July 2003: Oxford, England)

eco city banjaluka  (11th April 2003: Banja Luka, Bosnia)


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  1. fuspey says:

    Easy Green Tour – 5th june 2011; international environment day

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