Dublin green and blue wander

( Posted first as green and blue wander on the EASA blog on 2004 – August – 13)

green and blue wander
wandering the streets of dublin
free and open to all
art making
night of play

start here – the spike
12.00 sat 14 august `04

spike > river liffey > excise bar (short film screenings) > grand canal > picnic (peppercanister bridge or merrion square, depending on numbers) > ivy gardens > stephens green > merrion square > national art gallery > trinity > central bank square > temple bar > liffey bridges > cultivate (short film) > dublin castle park and water spot > chester beatty museum roof garden > st patricks park > civic park (theatrical performance) > city markets > capel st > bolton st pond > kings inns park > hugh lane art gallery > garden of rememberence > blessington basin > linear filled in park > royal canal > mountjoy square > summerhill park > croke park (catch end of dubs GAA match) > burning man mural painting on street (25 church street, east wall) > burning man party of play (excise bar, 8pm, fiver or what you can give)

burning man festival is perhaps worlds biggest art experimental community.
every year 30,000 people gather in the nevada desert and make a city of play and art for 1 week.
it is artistic, political, spiritual, cultural, social all at the same time

Burning the Irish Bar `s first contact with EASA


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