Leaving the OIL AGE behind- Dublin EXCHANGE

Film evening and open discussion in EXCHANGE dublin, Friday 26th 8-10pm. Free, all welcome. The event follows an urban cycle event, CRITICAL MASS, around the streets of Dublin, starting 6pm at Grafton St entrance to Stevens Green.

For the last 200 years we have seen a tremendous amount of change on planet earth, some things good, some things bad. Despite over 30 years of environementalists claiming the “model of progress” had led to a very dangerous situation for both the planet and us, its inhabitants, their calls fell on deaf ears. Thankfully, in the last few years, the industrialised world has realised there is a problem. The recent UNFCC climate talks in Copenhagen were an attempt to ensure a global deal to ensure things did not get out of hand, resulting in runaway climate chaos, with result of massive shifts in temperature, food shortages, water shortages etc, millions of deaths, billions of climate refugees, political instability… That deal did not happen!

But, in all parts of the world peole are waking up, becoming aware of the situation we are ing, its consequences and making changes in their lifestyle as well as participating with global social movements demanding and working for global change: SYSTEM CHANGE NOT CLIMATE CHANGE, was what 100,000 people marched for on the cold streets of Copenhagen. We are the ones in whos lifetime great change can happen, in fact, has to happen. Soon it will be too late.







Leaving the OIL AGE behind- Dublin EXCHANGE

(Listing of films shown, most embedded below in this post)

Part 1 – OIL AGE – problems

1 – Age of Stupid (trailer)

2 – Transition Town Lewes

3 – Story of stuff (first 5 mins)

4 – 350, why its the most important number, Bill Mc Kibben

5 – Home (section regarding trees and amazon rainforest, 47 – 49.30)

6 – Massacre of Indigineous Amazonians in Peru (Democracy Now headline)

7 – The price of gas (Guardian video about Rossport situation, first 5 mins)

Part 2 – OIL AGE – Solutions, visons, movements and action

8 – Sustainable shift from a paradigm shift, Fritjof Capra

9 – How Cuba survived peak oil, part regarding food producion

10 – Pedal Power, DCTV (dublin community TV)

11 – South circular road community garden Dublin 8

12 – In Transition, first 5 mins

13 – i, eye of the storm (indymedia argentina trailer)

14 – climate camp UK 2008 (sky news report from Kingsnorth)

15 – Climate camp Ireland documentary (part 1 + 2)

16 – A time comes, story of Kingsnorth 6 (intro)

17 – Battle of Seattle (trailer)

18 – Reclaim Power, Climate Justice Action @ Copenhagen (Guarding report)

19 – Peoples Assembly, CJA main action

20 – Blessed Unrest, Paul Hawken

viva pachamama – slowly the world is being turned right side up again…

(View embedded videos below in this post)

Audio : After many battles in Copenhagen, where does the climate justice movement go from here.

Massacre of Indigineous Amazonians in Peru – 25 dead and counting

Fritjof Capra:The sustainable shift comes from a spiritual shift

Paul Hawken, Blessed Unrest and WiserEarth

(Hour long interview here )

Transition Town Lewes

Climate camp 2008 @ Kingsnorth, UK

Batalla En Seattle (Battle In Seattle)

(This post is still being edited, apologies…)

Proposal is, roughly, fri night 8 till 10 watch:

1 – few short vids, pelis por pachamama (films for motherearth) 30 mins

2 – What (the fuck) happened in Copenhagen: reports from social and climate justice caravan and peoples assembly 15 mins

3 – Amazonia for Sale : Intercontinental Cry (regarding the massacre in Bagua, peru) 35 mins

4 – open talk… 40 mins 1

1 – We did a film night in Barcelona, pelis por pachamama (films for motherearth) and idea would be most of them, all in english or bilingual or subtitled (you can watch direct from the blog link) The range of films looks at some damage been done to earth and her peoples, new movements and strategies of resistance, general ideas of problems of OIL AGE, and how we can move to a world more sustainable and just.

2 – From there lead into personal report and strategies from our peoples actions for climate justice and peoples assembly in copenhagen, as some great sparks happened there.. Peoples Assembly | Copenhagen police tackle 4,000-strong climate protest (Guardian UK)

3 – Id like to finish with Amazonia for Sale : Intercontinental Cry Approximately 35 minutes in length, Amazonia for Sale tells the story of the Awajun Peoples, who are, like so many other Indigenous People around the world, struggling to preserve their land, protect their way of life, and defend their dignity and rights in the Peruvian Amazon


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  2. fuspey says:

    This event was followed 2 nights later by

    What the fuck happened in copenhagen

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