ECO ECO ECO – Viva San Xibeco

You have to love the pure madness and wildness of it all. La Prosperitat, the edge city barrio (neighbourhood) in Barcelona is where, starting from midnight on friday, you will hear lots of roaring in the streets: ECO ECO ECO – VIVA SAN XIBECO. This is the opening night of the local festival this weekend, but for this night you will find the presence of a saint, San Xibeco, but he is no ordinary saint.

Take the yellow line metro up to Via Julia this friday and find out why…

San Xibeco es un santo creado por los vecinos de La Prosperitat, en Barcelona. Cada noviembre, un grupo de jóvenes organiza de forma voluntaria esta fiesta que pretende unir al barrio y crear red social.

San Xibeco is a saint created by the community of La Prosperitiat, in Barcelona. Every november, a goup of young people organise voluntarily this festival which tries to unite the neighbourhood and create a social network.


An integral part of the culture in Barcelona is to meet up with friends and share drinks outside in the streets, they even have a proper word for it, which we dont have in English; botellon. Barcelonas local Beer group DAMM produce many excellent beers; estrella, voll, AK, bok… BUT their most loved creation has to be their litre bottle called XIBECA. Most of the time while having a botellon people sit on the ground in a square, or on the steps of a building passing around this bottle. It even has written on its label; Cerveza para compartir, which translates as Beer to Share (in fact i learned the verb compartir, while having a botellon in the Rambla Raval)

Here is the source of the madness:

And here is what it leads to:

Festival posters from recent years…

san xibeco VII (#7 – 2008)

San Xibeco VI (#6 – 2007)

San Xibeco V (#5 – 2006)

San Xibeco IV (#4 – 2005)

See yez this friday in the streets, where we will all be drinking, dancing, celebrating, participating, having the craic and most importantly roaring allegiance to our Saint:



8es Festes d’Hivern de Prosperitat

Del 20 al 22 de novembre

23:30h Pregó de Festes
(Lloc: Casal de Joves de Prosperitat)
24h Baixada del Sant
24:05h Passabars
1.30h Arribada al Casal de Barri + DJ.

13h Vermut amb concert Es molt Band
(espai per concretar)
22:30h Concert al Casal de Barri.
Rumborrachera, Stoy ke Trino i Herederos del Taxi
Entrada: 2€

12:30h Actes infantils
a la Plaça Àngel Pestanya
14h Dinar popular Casal de Barri
16h Café + sorteig del mocador
18h Fi de festa amb traca final


3 Responses to ECO ECO ECO – Viva San Xibeco

  1. fuspey says:

    David Smith vid on facebook:

    First impressions of the most insane wedding ever. waaaay more to come. que vivan los novios!!!!!

    — with Fuspey O Fusp at Playa de Altafulla.

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