Streaming from the Gaff!

An experiment with streaming audio, projecting video and the interaction between real and virual worlds took place in Dublin’s new social centre

Back in 2005 we made a short 4 minute documentary video after our succesful streaming experiment to connect the Digital Hub with the Dublin social centre, seomra spraoi (room of play in Gaelic / native Irish) as part of the “future of digital media”.  The film is viewable on

Although it was a successful stream, it did cause some contreversay within the Indymedia Ireland collective, but we were trying to push the boundaries of communication limits in the Network Age

(very) DIY poster announving the communication action


4 Responses to Streaming from the Gaff!

  1. fuspey says:

    Seven Resolutions for 2009
    Geert Lovink

    heres 7 resolution summary, click link to read full piece from Inter Activist Activist Exchange

    1. Radical makeover of Indymedia into an irresistible network of networks
    2. Renaissance of theory, radical texts that appeal to young people and help them to dream again
    3. Dismantling the academic exclusion machine.
    4. Overcoming media genres and expertise prisons in order to productively connect our knowledge and experience.
    5. Squatting the overlooked ruins of the 2009 crisis.
    6. Global crackdown of the corporate consultancy class.
    7. Opening channels for collective imagination. It’s not enough to say that another world is possible

  2. fuspey says:

    Some time on and now we are all streaming and tuning into streams from occupied parks and squares in a very special moment… WE ARE WINNING

    @fuspey is a bit of a visionary. 8 years ago I thought he was mad. In fact he was just WAY ahead of the curve. Streaming from the Gaff

  3. fuspey says:

    Art spaces as weapons of war (Further explorations of WAR OF COMMUNICATION)

    Dublin’s Mayday 2004 saw thousands of opponents to fortress Europe beaten away by riot cops and water cannons. Days later, RED ARCHIVE, a strange OPEN communication space seeking all inputs, was asking: What is art, what is politics?

    As activists, we used this space to communicate and build in and out of, to wander from and bring people to, to share critical ideas, to widen the discussion. Our ongoing war is one of communication against today’s culture of ignorance and apathy. Seven million people continue to die needlessly every year, perhaps our actions helped?

  4. […] Heres our vid experiment from 2005: Streaming from the Gaff! […]

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