From the Forum (GEF) to the city (BCN) – First Global Eco Forum is underway in Barcelona… and from here??

The first Global Eco Forum is underway, yesterday was the meeting in the real world in Barcelona (BCN), a very interesting, mostly inspiring, sometimes frightening, sometimes conflictive event that went on all day. I think its unanimous that the Michael Braungart (Cradle to Cradle) and Gunter Pauli (Zeri Foundation) discussion was the highlight: content, ideas, passion for radically changing the way the world works, doing not just talking…

Michael Braungart: 2008 Interview – becoming native to the planet

Gunter Pauli, The power of system design

If you missed out you can see Gunter talking tonight at 6pm in BCN, and the vid of yesterdays talk should be online and freely accessible soon.

The entire forum is an evolving new creature, 25 days of online activity in the Virtual Forum, that will finish in 10 days time, were half way there now, more or less. So who knows what’s in store…..

The Virtual Forum, an online website, is an amazing resource with videos, audios, online articles, discussions… its in Spanish and English, a remarkable new step, which when it becomes more the norm, will allow for truly “global” forum(s) to be realized, perhaps again mixing the real and virtual. It is presently accessible and viewable by all, but the content is composed of participants in this forum. This is just the first step, so obviously there is room for much improvement, so hopefully this community will grow, with that the tools will grow, with that the spaces will grow (both real and virtual) and from that more actions, events, meetings etc will form… the organic process of change from a presently not so healthy world toward an ecological and happier existence… Please be active, get involved, enjoy where it leads!

Anyway, arising from the forum is the well known idea of “Think Global, act local”, so with that I have just posted Towards a healthier, happier, eco-effective Barcelona in the discussion area, it links to the 9 page PDF that we made here at EIG and proposes some ideas for the city of BCN. If you have the time or the interest, please check it out and if you have views about the proposal or better still, ideas on how to make it a reality, please let us know.



From here you can go to part 2 of this mail:

Towards a healthier, happier, eco-effective Barcelona


3 Responses to From the Forum (GEF) to the city (BCN) – First Global Eco Forum is underway in Barcelona… and from here??

  1. PhilosophyMan says:

    Hello. I’m new here but I realy want to ask you…
    We’ve all gone through this phase in life, sometimes more often than others. But haven’t you ever asked yourself, “Why am I on this earth”? What am I here for? Exactly just what is your purpose in life?
    P.S. Sorry If wrong section!

  2. MaxFif says:

    Add to my Bookmarks )

  3. Impubcumn says:

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    Thank you very much for your work.


    Sorry for offtopic.

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