Saturday @ BCN = Metro Refugios + Post-it city + Goya + DRAN + Parc Ciutadella

(originally posted on EASA

The proposal: BCN (Barcelona) city as labarotary for Urban, artistic and social exploration, an open invitation


Refugios @ metro + Post-it City + Goya + DRAN @ montana + Parc Ciutadella






mail: dunk


The results:

report: BCN wander: refugi vid + post it city and red square 87

wow, really really great stuff. not only the content but the way in which info is communicated in exhibitions is of such a high standard…

heres youtube vid of the refugi exhibition in metro station universitat about when barcelona city was used as a laboratory of sorts to try out new mechanisms of warfare: arial bombardment of the civilian population. Guernica in the Basque country and its bombing on market day is well known especially after picasso painted his famous picture, but it was the constant bombardment here in BCN where hitler and mouselini developed their blitzkreig tactics…

post it city was one of most interesting exhibitions i have seen in a long while, we will return for more and keep you posted…
it was hard to find info on how to connect further but after talking to the tickets girl, she gave me a copy of the exhibition programme from a drawer, that has a link to

this was the first example, and what an excellent one, the 19 year old dude, Mathias Rust, who landed a plane in red square in ’87, which led to fall of soviet block and more….
the percieved power a space holds, and how easily it can be splintered in a simple short act of creativity and boldness…

28 de mayo 1987
Plaza Roja, MoscuEl día 28 de mayo de 1987, Mathias Rust aterriza en la moscovita Plaza Roja con su Cessna 172B biplaza tras un vuelo a baja altitud procedente de Helsinki unas horas antes. Se trata de un espectáculo extraordinario para un estudiante de 19 años, así como de un gesto que anticipa y prevé la caída del Muro de Berlín de unos meses después.

enjoy this film…


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