Widening the discussion – RESIDENTMETA workshop @ METAVILLA


widening the discussion – ALLEZ LES PIRATES

– onboard the (French) pirate ship METAVILLA
a reflection on first encounter with the strange,
thought provoking “french pavilion” – an attempt at a
wider dialogue with the world, attempt to look at that
for which “this exhibition is just a pointer”.
– Lucien Kroll, moments d`architecture
what if this was the most critical dialogue in all
this bienale? who knew about it, who came and
listened, could this audience be increased? – we
recorded, documented, informed the world and built our
own media due to limitations of venicesuperblog media.
– whats your view?
asking people their views; audio recording and
archiving of the spirit of things – “the French
Pavilion is the best and craziest says the German
– Donkey dialogues
the little man on the street: the little donkey and
his pal piggy engage in a series of discussions;
throwing out ideas, asking questions, in a physically
strategic position within METAVILLA, many missed them,
some dropped their stuff on poor little piggy and
donkey, but they battled on, maybe someone found out
something new, interesting, profound, or maybe just
funny. Little donkey saw one girl smile anyway.
– the others
So who`s here in this funny garden, talking about
stuff? what about those who cant get here, who have
not been invited, did not have the money, for whom the
life didn`t allow them experience “le pur pleasure
d`existence” maybe that could be fixed, maybe we could
invite them; Cuba, Albania, Sri Lanka, Mali, Kenya,
Kibera, Chiapas, Rossport…………

dunk, 1 des pirates de METAVILLA
@ 8am fri 20th oct 2006, French Pavilion, Venice Biebnale

(CHANING THE WORLD is easy – we have done it – its getting more beautiful)


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