the AGORA was the space in ancient greece where philosophers, mathmaticians, scientists, artists and anyone who was interested came to COMMUNICATE @ 3000 years ago. there were amazing thinkers such as socrates, pythagores, democritus, hereclitus, aristotle and good old platothey discussed, explored, played with and loved IDEAS.
this is where man developed most of the principles we use today; law, philosoophy, science, religion, reason, logic, mathematics and more.from here western civilisation BLOSSOMED to what we have today.

there have been some earth shattering breakthroughs in science during the 20th century that have resulted in a PARADIGM (something just short of infinite)SHIFT in the scientific worldview. in the 20´s we developed the tools to look into the atom, which we thought was the smallest solid piece of matter. we found that in fact 99.9% of the atom is pure emptiness and that that it is minute particles that zoom around that give the appearance of solidity. so the scientific world found out that existence is nothing more than dynamic everchanging forms of energy……
which is what the EASTERN world has been telling us for thousands of years in its religions.

chaos theory has also profoundly affected our view of things with its FRACTAL thinking and viewing.

so we are remembering again that life is strange.

along with this we have developed amazing communication systems that allow people to be anywhere in the world while being able to communicate with someone else anywhere in the world; phones, internet, webcast, chatrooms…..

so we have the stuff, but where are we talking and what are we talking about?

lovers of life and ideas traveled from everywhere to come to the ancient greek agora in athens, to be part of the dynamic and progressive open system that was the COMMUNICATION SPACE of yesteryear

we are aware that we are going through the next major shift in world history, we are part of the NETWORK AGE. the new agora is an attempt to further explore these ideas.

(This article first appeared on the EASA blog in August 4, 2003)

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