Sinn Féin leading a democratic peoples revolution in Ireland, again?

May 26, 2014

‘Sinn Féin hasn’t had this strength since 1918′ – Gerry Adams

Interesting times in Ireland again. Time to truly leave Civil war politics in the South and move on?

On Friday it was the local and European elections in Ireland, Sinn Féin have scored massively in local elections, especially in the cities. They are set to be the largest party in Belfast, Dublin, Derry, Cork city councils. The mixed bag of independents and small parties also scored hugely. Sinn Fein are an island wide party, not the only one, as People Before Profit also are island wide and took seats.

The established political system has been given a massive shake up, with ex TD Joe Higgins on RTE radio calling it nothing short of a “democratic revolution for change”. Present Irish Fine Gael minister, Leo Varadkar went as far as saying he could see Sinn Féin leading the next government, something considered impossible only five years ago. No one was expecting such a sea change, who knows what it might lead to further down the line?

Going back to 1918, we remember what huge changes came from little sparks. As it is not the first time that there has been a huge surge in support for Sinn Fein. Soon after the failed rebellion of 1916, after executions and imprisonment of many Irish rebels, the party grew massively all over the island. They formed their own illegal government and fought a war for Irish freedom, the results of which were the half win of a partitioned island that led to a bloody civil war and the party’s demise. But the world took note; a small island nation stood up to the greatest empire the world had ever seen, the took them on and they forced change. Sinn Fein have done it before, might this weekend be the first step in another chapter in that story?


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#IrishLegends: Philo – Irelands first rocker

March 16, 2014

Phil Lynott, poet, song writer, lead singer and class bassist with Thin Lizzy

philo big

Philip Parris “Phil” Lynott (/ˈlnət/; 20 August 1949 – 4 January 1986) was an Irish singer and musician. His most commercially successful group was Thin Lizzy, in which he was the founding member, principal songwriter, lead vocalist and bassist. He later also found success as a solo artist.

Growing up in Dublin in the 1960s, Lynott fronted several bands as a lead vocalist, most notably Skid Row alongside Gary Moore, before learning the bass guitar and forming Thin Lizzy in 1969. After initial success with Whiskey in the Jar, the band found strong commercial success in the mid-1970s with hits such as “The Boys Are Back in Town“, “Jailbreak” and “Waiting for an Alibi“, and became a popular live attraction due to the combination of Lynott’s vocal and songwriting skills and the use of dual lead guitars. Towards the end of the 1970s, Lynott also embarked upon a solo career, published two books of poetry,[1] and after Thin Lizzy disbanded, he assembled and fronted the band Grand Slam, of which he was the leader until it folded in 1985.

He subsequently had major UK success with Moore with the song “Out in the Fields“, followed by a minor hit “Nineteen”, before his death on 4 January 1986. He remains a popular figure in the rock world, and in 2005, a statue was erected in his memory.       (via wikipedia)

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30 years ago today, Luke Kelly died

January 31, 2014

0005757b-18030 years ago today, Luke Kelly died. Here is a tribute to a Dublin legend.

Luke Kelly died on the 30th of January 1984. At the age of 43 he was still a young man with so much left to give. Unfortunately Liam Clancy (subsequently another great legend lost..) was unable to attend the funeral, so instead he wrote this moving tribute for his old friend:

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Bring Che back to Kilkee #HonTheBanner

September 5, 2013

Bring Che back to Kilkee #HonTheBanner #AnClárAbú #BackTheBanner #CLARE Re-instate the mural

che 2

via Annual ‘Che Do Bheatha’ Festival, Kilke  Website here

#Che #AmericanTourists #Clare #kilkee #BackTheBanner

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BOLD events @ Dublin, Ireland, August 2013

August 25, 2013

(Work in progress, subject to change and modification as time goes on..)

bold dunk2

Wed 28 – Liffey walk – food, chat, sups, music… WWW (world wide windows) chat @ seomra spraoí

Thr 29 – mucky hands day: community gardens, lifeline, Dublin city roof farm, tree planting, Upstar’s pop up park Granby Park,

Fri 30 – botanic spine bike ride – 80′s party @ Seomra Spraoi

Sat 31 -  Dublin city arty arky walk, mapping and connecting some of Dublins “independent spaces” - chat n sups @ siteation

Fuspey: Blog: | twitter

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Finishing up tunes – a homage to all the grovers…

August 10, 2013

a while back in our monday night bar, the catalan lad played “alternative ulster” by SLF (stiff little fingers) and it brought me back, back to the time of sweating and moshing at the end of the grove…

heres a hats off to all those (lucky ones) that made it to the grove

The Grove Show

The Grove was known as the Northside‘s (of Dublin, Ireland) original alternative disco, because the music being played there was different to anything being played in any discos in Dublin throughout the whole 30 years of its existence. (e.g. Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Rolling Stones, The Doors, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Jackson Browne, Focus, Deep Purple, Wings, Black Sabbath, Steely Dan, Golden Earring, Queen, The Eagles, ZZ Top, The Boomtown Rats, Supertramp, Guns N’ Roses, Rory Gallagher, Fleetwood Mac, Stiff Little Fingers, Thin Lizzy, Sex Pistols, Horslips, Roxy Music, Joy Division, UFO, Genesis, U2, Bruce Springsteen, The Ramones, Whitesnake, Simple Minds, The Cure, Metallica, The Cult, Neil Young, Nirvana, Ian Dury and the Blockheads, AC/DC, B52s, Pearl Jam, Talking Heads, plus many others).Cecil Nolan was the DJ for the whole 30 years at the Grove until it closed in 1997. Cecil influenced the musical taste of three generations of young northside Dubliners, and shaped their record and CD collections as well. The list of Grove alumni that went on to successful careers on radio and TV is truly impressive, and many of Ireland’s best known media personalities regularly wax lyrical about their time at the Grove and acknowledge the debt they owe Cecil.

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Irish Asterix Appreciation Society

August 9, 2013

On 21st of December 2003 something very strange and wonderful was born…

The Irish Asterix Appreciation Society will be having an impromptu get toghether in the Long Hall pub on Dame Street in Dublin, some time next week. You can call in anytime and ask Leo for a gawk at one of the Asterix books under the counter. If you read one, please leave a comment at the back… THESE ROMANS ARE CRAZY

LINKS: ASTERIX – The official website | Asterix & Obelix Compelete collection PDF | FB: Irish Asterix Appreciation Society | Irish Asterix Appreciation Society | April EGM 2012 | Everything I know about classical history I learned from Asterix and Obelix

These lads in the Long Hall… Are they all this mad?
Ask Leo for a round of the finest stout and a gawk at the Asterix books
There is still one little community holding out… (image from Alfonso Zapico)
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Adapt Or Die

August 6, 2013

Adapt Or Die, Blessed Unrest @ Letterfrack?

(Originally posted on Indymedia Ireland on Friday May 30, 2008)

As a species we are finally waking up to the Climatic crisis that we have stupidly gotten ourselves into. After many years of not listening, people now realise the problem we face: ADAPT OR DIE. Some see the human species as a cancer that should die off, a natural end for a silly species. But others have a vision of a sustainable world, a vision that drives them to think differently, act differently, design differently, live differently. For many its simple little lifestyle changes, for others its nothing short of the next chapter in this unfolding strange story of civilization: the ecological revolution.

Cities as forests : infrastructure and participation (click to enlarge)

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The Bold Journey

August 6, 2013

The magical journey of BOLD-ness and beauty

(A beautiful event that happened in Ireland in the summer of 2008, subsequently it led to two of the participants getting married 5 years later… Tania & Duncan – A little pagan affair . Also since the event there was the very sad passing of a beatiful man, a friend, a warrior, a poet, a revolutionary, the man whose bold ideas first sparked the EASA madness; Brian Anson, RIP a chara)

Sláinte agus go mbeirfidhmuid beo ar an ám seo arís agus go bhfeidhmuid bás le siocháin

Sláinte agus go mbeirfidhmuid beo ar an ám seo arís agus go bhfeidhmuid bás le siocháin


(ADAPT OR DIE) architectural collaboration requested:
2 week EASA taller in aug 08.
AGENDA- 2 change world + have craic

** Main organiser:

Dunk… Is a native Irishman who has a profound love for his island and peoples, her story, her beauty. He left her wild hills and shores neraly 2 years ago to wander and learn and now lives, works, plays, investigates and is continually learning from the bold Mediterainean city of Barcelona. He is currently working as an architect with EIG (eco intelligent growth) with whom he recently began collaboration with time magazine’s “Hero of the planet” William McDonough. His varied fields of activity include: ecology, urbanism, art, film making, radio, gardening, dreaming, wandering, bike riding, street theatre, communicating, working with social movements… all of which for him make up “architecture”. He loves laughing and feeling alive.

Venice Biennales: VB06- Ark: participation @ (French pavilion) METAVILLA::
VB05- Art: mention and part collaboration Irish pavilion, Sarah Pierce.

EASA: Irish NC 2001-4::Guest 08::Tutor 04::Participant 03+02::SESAM 03::INCM 02+01

Related articles and reports: Adapt Or Die (Blessed Unrest @ Letterfrack?) | Dublin´s Metamorphosis | EASA 2008 images | EASA Metamorphosis conference, radio recording | Brian Anson – Architect, Story Teller, Poet, Revolutionary… passed away over the weekend | European Architecture Students Assembly 2008 taking place in Dublin – Letterfrack | Student architects transform an Atlantic village | Architecture students gather in Dublin and Letterfrack

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Barcelona Gaels – Irish football champions

May 14, 2013

2013: Barcelona mens Iberian champions, unbeaten. Womens champions too. On de Gaels

2 cracking videos from our legendry filmmaker Tess:

click to view bigger size, c/o Gerry Kelly


Gaelic Games thriving across Europe (GAA Scores)

What do you think of when you hear the words El Clasico? Messi, Ronaldo, 90,000 fans in the Nou Camp with an electric atmosphere witnessing the two giants of European soccer going head to head? Guess again.

It wasn’t the super Spanish soccer derby after all, it was the final of the third tournament in the Iberian GAA championship. Barcelona Gaels and Madrid Harps played out an exciting encounter last Saturday in the Catalonian capital that saw the hosts crowned overall champions for the region with a round to spare.

A Silver Lining (Radio documentary)

As GAA clubs around Ireland are being devastated by emigration, over in Malmö, Sweden, the Stockholm Gaels are attempting to defend their Scandinavian GAA Championship title. (podcast)

Ladies Gaelic Football:

Founded in 1974, Ladies Gaelic Football is still recognised as one of the fastest growing female sports in Europe. With over 1000 clubs in Ireland and membership growing by the day, Ladies Gaelic is reaching women and girls from all over the country. Not stopping there however, the Ladies Gaelic Football Association has many overseas clubs, one of the latest additions coming from Cape Town in South Africa.

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